Beauty and the Beast

It is a Vampire Diaries fanfiction about Elena (A young human girl who has known about witchcraft, Vampires, Warewolfs, and Hybrids for quite some time she is also a doppleganger, you will learn more about it in the story) Then our other character is Niklaus Mikealson AKA Klaus (Klaus is a Hybrid who is ruthless and cares only for himself and his family including his sibling's Elijah Mikealson,Rebekah Mikealson,And Kol Mikealson, Klaus is the step sibling to Elijah,Rebekah and Kol, his Mother, Esther, was unfaithful to his step father, Mikeal, So he was a basterd child so Mikeal never liked him and he would beat Klaus, Klaus and his Siblings are over 1'000 years old, Klaus is a Hybrid and his really father was a warewolf and Esther never known until when she and Mikeal turned all of there children and then there was a sun and moon curse, klaus has already broken the curse, But when he did break the cures he need a Doppleganger,A vampire and a warewolf you will learn more about it)


3. The 'Date'

Klaus's POV

It was the day for me and Elena's 'date' I wanted to call this a date but Elena...she didn't think it was a date.

I do have feelings for Elena, im will admit it, but I honestly dont know howcwe could EVER be a couple, im a hybrid who kills alot of people and she is a sweet girl who hates people who kill people.

Me and Elena would never work as a couple...well...mabye we could, but that is just a mabye.

I called Elena to see if she was ready "Hey Elena, Are you ready ?" I asked her there was a moment of silence "Oh...hey Klaus, yeah im ready" She said and I smiled at the sound of her voice "Ok, ill be over to pick you up see you later" I said then I hung up.

I waited for about half an hour and then got in my car and headed to the Gilbert house where Elena should be waiting I pull into the drive way and Elena is out on the porch with a beautiful dress that stops just above her knees " look lovly" I say smiling lightly, she wasn't lovly she was beyond beautiful.

We got in the car and on our way to the dance there was silence in the car but it wasn't and uncomfortable silence it was accually really really relaxing to have the car ride be silent.

We got there and I held open the car door for Elena and she gave me a light thanks and we then walked into the party room where people where dancing some people were also at the punch boil or they were around the tables talking "May I have this dance, Miss Gilbert?" I asked Elena and she nodded smiling and we got up and started to dance.

After me and Elena danced we took a seat at one of the tables.

"I must say Elena, you are beautiful this evening" I said kindly and she gave me a small smile "Thank you Klaus, and you look...very handsome" she said smiling brightly at me.

"Thank you, Miss Gilbert" I say looking over at her "You are quite welcome Mr.Mikealson"she said.

When midnight rolled around the party was over so me and Elena headed to my car and got in "Eventhough you are an asshole and you are a very cruel person...I had a really good time tonight, Klaus" Those words that left her mouth made my heart all warm and it made me feel good.

"May I drop you off at youf house, Miss Gilbert?" I asked her and she nodded and then we headed to her house.

Authors Note: What did you think? Was it good? Do you think that Elena and Klaus's relationship will work out?



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