Beauty and the Beast

It is a Vampire Diaries fanfiction about Elena (A young human girl who has known about witchcraft, Vampires, Warewolfs, and Hybrids for quite some time she is also a doppleganger, you will learn more about it in the story) Then our other character is Niklaus Mikealson AKA Klaus (Klaus is a Hybrid who is ruthless and cares only for himself and his family including his sibling's Elijah Mikealson,Rebekah Mikealson,And Kol Mikealson, Klaus is the step sibling to Elijah,Rebekah and Kol, his Mother, Esther, was unfaithful to his step father, Mikeal, So he was a basterd child so Mikeal never liked him and he would beat Klaus, Klaus and his Siblings are over 1'000 years old, Klaus is a Hybrid and his really father was a warewolf and Esther never known until when she and Mikeal turned all of there children and then there was a sun and moon curse, klaus has already broken the curse, But when he did break the cures he need a Doppleganger,A vampire and a warewolf you will learn more about it)


6. My life in Paris


I have fallen in love with Paris! It is the city of 'Love' as some people would say.

I haven't talken to Klaus in 6 months and now I have a bew boyfirend! His name is Andy, he is kind, loving, caring (un like Klaus!), and selfless.

I woke up to someone's arms around my waist and instantly knew it was Andy "Andy? Are you awake?" I asked quietly, he grumbled and then sighed, I smiled brightly at him then got up to make breakfeast.

"Andy! What do you want for breakfast?!" I called out to him from the kitchen "Suprise me" he called back.

I decided to make eggs and baken.

My phone lite up to I check who was calling and it was...KLAUS?!?! I haven't talken to him in forever! What does he want?!?! I decided to answer the phone "Hello?" "Elena!?!? Where have you been?" Klaus yelled into the phone "Did you seriously just figure out I was gone? Wow" (A/N Lol) I said In disbelief "No! I have been looking for you! Now get your ass back to Mystic Falls!" He yelled at me "Sorry, no can do I have a life of my own out in Paris" I said eating "What do you mean!?!?" "I have firends and a boyfirend down where I am right now and I am NOT going to leave them right now!" I yelled back at him.

I then hung up on Klaus, now the only thing I have to worry about is if Klaus will come down to Paris or not...lets hope to god he wont.

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