Beauty and the Beast

It is a Vampire Diaries fanfiction about Elena (A young human girl who has known about witchcraft, Vampires, Warewolfs, and Hybrids for quite some time she is also a doppleganger, you will learn more about it in the story) Then our other character is Niklaus Mikealson AKA Klaus (Klaus is a Hybrid who is ruthless and cares only for himself and his family including his sibling's Elijah Mikealson,Rebekah Mikealson,And Kol Mikealson, Klaus is the step sibling to Elijah,Rebekah and Kol, his Mother, Esther, was unfaithful to his step father, Mikeal, So he was a basterd child so Mikeal never liked him and he would beat Klaus, Klaus and his Siblings are over 1'000 years old, Klaus is a Hybrid and his really father was a warewolf and Esther never known until when she and Mikeal turned all of there children and then there was a sun and moon curse, klaus has already broken the curse, But when he did break the cures he need a Doppleganger,A vampire and a warewolf you will learn more about it)


1. I Will Talk To Elena

Klaus's POV

Me and my brother, Kol sat at the bar called...what was it again...oh yes it was called Mystic Grill it was pretty much the only cool place to hang out in Mystic Falls.

My brother Kol is a very annoying little twit but he is my younger brother and I have to love him but only because he is my half family.

Elijah is my older brother, he is the oldest out of us all.

And then the youngest of us is my little sister, Rebekah.Our family is the most feared out of all of the vampires in the world because we are the first vampires to ever be created, my family and myself are called The Originals and we are the strongest vampires to ever be on this earth.

My thoughts were interupted when I hearded the door to the Grill open and then close I look over to see none other then Elena Gilbert.She is a doppleganger a very very rare person to find.

She is the doppleganger to Katerina Patrova AKA Kathrine Pierce, Katerina was once my brother,Elijah's girlfirend back about 500 years and I once did try to take Kathrine to do the sacrfice but she was one of the very few people who got away and so I had to wait 500 years till the next doppleganger appears so I could break the Sun and the Moon curse so I could be a Hybrid. My mother was told by my father to put a curse on me so my warewolf side would not come out and so ,she,being the original witch she was, Did some dark magic and then put me through hours of pain just to make my warewolf side not come out.

Kathrine was once a beautiful person but then she became a heartless bitch, Kathrine was nothing like the very first doppleganger,Amara, Amara was beautiful person on the inside and on the outside but sadly her life ended like every dopplgangers life usally ends then I met the second doppleganger, Tatia, also a very lovly person but then evently, just like Kathrine, she turned into a cold heartless bitch.

I had to admit, Elena was just like Amara, Sweet, and selfless.

My thought's again were interupted by my little twit of a brother "Nik!" My half brother yelled at me, he was clearly trying to get my attention "What!" I yelled angryly back "I have been trying to get your attention for like...5 minutes!" Kol yelled at me and he could clearly see I was pissed at him so he shut up finally.

I looked around the room for Elena so I could bother her and her and her firends Carolina and Bonnie Bennet, Bennet witch's are a very powerful blood line of witch's, they are so powerful theu could probably kill me! And im a hybrid and to top it all off im an original and original's are a certain type of vampire so they can never be killed!

I eventually spotted Elena and her firend's so I walked over "Hello lady's" I greeted them kindly, then I felt something burn in my head and realised the Witch was giving me an aneurysm "Stop!" I bellowed at the witch and she stopped "Leave"The Bennett witch simply said.

There weren't going to get rid of me that easily, so I walked off so I could make a plan so I could talk with Elena away from her firend's.

I decided I would sneak into her house and talk to her in her room.

I left the grill, got in my car and left then I relised I left Kol "Oh well...he has vampire speed to get back home anyways" I said myself,chuckling.

Authors note: Hi! :) My names olivia and this is my first fanfic and sorry about how I didn't have much dialogue, kinda just wanted to introduce you to the character's in case you wanted to read this but never really watched The Vampire Diaries. Yeah...well...bey! :)


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