Beauty and the Beast

It is a Vampire Diaries fanfiction about Elena (A young human girl who has known about witchcraft, Vampires, Warewolfs, and Hybrids for quite some time she is also a doppleganger, you will learn more about it in the story) Then our other character is Niklaus Mikealson AKA Klaus (Klaus is a Hybrid who is ruthless and cares only for himself and his family including his sibling's Elijah Mikealson,Rebekah Mikealson,And Kol Mikealson, Klaus is the step sibling to Elijah,Rebekah and Kol, his Mother, Esther, was unfaithful to his step father, Mikeal, So he was a basterd child so Mikeal never liked him and he would beat Klaus, Klaus and his Siblings are over 1'000 years old, Klaus is a Hybrid and his really father was a warewolf and Esther never known until when she and Mikeal turned all of there children and then there was a sun and moon curse, klaus has already broken the curse, But when he did break the cures he need a Doppleganger,A vampire and a warewolf you will learn more about it)


5. I cant believe Klaus

Elena's POV

I walked up to Klaus's front door, I answer...I knocked answer, but then...I heard sexual moans.

Are you fucking kiding me right now!?!?!? "Klaus!?!? Its Elena!"I called him, I heard someone talking "Go out through the back door" I heard Klaus say from the other side of the door "Ok...see you later handsome" I heard another girl say from the other side of the door.

Klaus then opened the door, a smirk plastered on his face.

"Hello, Beautiful" Klaus said looking all innocent like he did NOTHING

Wrong at all.

"Dont you 'Hey Beautiful me!'" I said spat at Klaus, he frowned, "Whats wrong, love?" He asked innocently "You know whats wrong!" I yelled at Klaus, he looked like he truly was oblivious to what he had done "You slept with another girl! And we just started going out!" I growled at him.

"Im so so so sorry, Elena" he said tears brimming his eyes, Klaus has NEVER almost cried "Im sorry, Klaus...we are over" I said walking away, I got in my car and drove to the airport, I decided I would go, I heard they have a LOT of good clothing so I got on the plane and Called my best firend Bonnie, "Hey, Bonnie, could you put a spell on me so no one can use a locater spell to find me?" I asked and there was silence then my firend sighed "Yeah" she said, the she hung up.

I sighed, I was almost to Paris, I decided to go to sleep until I land in Paris.


I woke up, grabed my things and got off the plane.


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