A girl with a normal life and she goes to school but moves and when she moves something is wrong she feels like everybody is watching her.And when she goes to school she meets 4 boys Liam , Niall , Louis,and Harry but for some reason it is like they are watching her and everyone knows that when they want something they get it but in the process they doesn't want to kill her instead all of them start to like her and fight over her but know it can never be true what will happen read to find out ( AND JUST TO LET YOU KNOW #em MADE THE COVER SO GRETA JOB TO HER SHE IS GREAT GO FOLLOW HER


1. Moving In

I stood in front of the mirror and looked myself over, today was my first day at a new school with new people, a new life. It was a couple of months ago that my dad got a promotion and we all had to move to god knows where on this stupid chunk of Earth, a town in cheshire, London. I was gonna try and make the best of this, but I don't know if I can.Still being in front of the mirror I heard my name being called from downstairs.It was my dad and he seems happy from the tone of his voice.

I wonder what could it be.

COME DOWNSTAIRS HONEY I HAVE A SURPRISE.my dad yells loud enough for the whole world to hear I walked downstairs to see the one a only.Ashton, If your wondering who Ashton is it's my brother (And yes the Ashton Irwin from 5SOS)As I saw him I ran and gave him a big hug I haven't seen him since he left.

Ashton's POV

When Remembered that my sister's birthday was coming up I had to go to see her so I called my dad asked him to keep it a surprise.When I told my band mates they said they want to come but I told them to stay so I have at least one day with her before she has to meet them.And knowing them they're probably going to fight over her to see which one of them gets to keep her coming as a perspective from a brother growing up she was so friendly and caring, nice ,and made friends easily she also is great company because she can make you smile by cracking a joke or by just smiling(she has that type of effect on people).Another thing is she is so into school Idk Why but she always has her nose a a book or doing homework. That's why I think she will be a bright and important person one day.


Davina´s Pov

I let go of my brother and to see his face pleased me so much.I haven seen him in a long time so it is really awesome.

Hey Ashton I´ve missed you so much how are you. I said

I´ve been good just missin my little sis. he said

Hey Bro Im not little anymore Im 19 so Im almost your age. I said

Yea right I'm what 21 so like 2 years older. he said

And I will dread those two years I can´t live with myself. I said sarcasticly

oh no please dont not for me. He said sarcasticly

I looked around and noticed my dad left us alone probaly to which my understanding to give us time to have a full day together before I go back to modeling. And Yes I am a model. Wow.I am so sorry for not introducing myself My full name is Davina irwrin and I am 19 years old.I am 5'6. I have dark brown .honey eyes and I am a model/actress and I do some singing and dancing gigs on the side. And I love it so much/ I draw good desings to but never put thought into it. It is so cool to to see I'm on the cover of those magazines and be in movies.









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