A girl with a normal life and she goes to school but moves and when she moves something is wrong she feels like everybody is watching her.And when she goes to school she meets 4 boys Liam , Niall , Louis,and Harry but for some reason it is like they are watching her and everyone knows that when they want something they get it but in the process they doesn't want to kill her instead all of them start to like her and fight over her but know it can never be true what will happen read to find out ( AND JUST TO LET YOU KNOW #em MADE THE COVER SO GRETA JOB TO HER SHE IS GREAT GO FOLLOW HER


3. Hell

Today was the first day of school but for me it´s hell. youmight be asking why a nerd like me hates school well first i get bullied every day. I get kicked in the stomach and called very bad names and get told to kill myself.there is this girl group there popular and everyone likes them so when they do that everyone laughs and takes pictures of me. yea so thats my life and they say that I don´t deserve to have a brother like ashton and yea stuff like that. and if your wondeing my family knows nothing about this even my brother that would only make matters worse.but anyways i went to my bathroom( the one above) my parents are a very rich so i have nice things and really good parents but they are the nice rich mot mean. ANYWAYS i stripped myself from my clothing and turned on my shower and no worries my brother went to go pick up his buddies from the airport. I washed my bodyand washed my hair and face and got out went to my bedroom and dried of.

i went to my closet 

and tried to pick something cute but still me so i put on this

hope I look cool enough for the first day of school. 


hey guys kinda having a writers block rn  but don't worry i will upfate asap plz forgive me bye my lovlies 



author- plz im tired let me sleep harry

harry-no i will not let you sleep u will finish now

author- i can´t harry plz understand

harry- ok baby im sorry i was just trying to inspire u (wraps arms around waist)

author- kisses harry cheek while standing on tip toes

harry-theres that girl i know

author- try and catch me hahahaha

harry- oh its on

author-no let me go i will not surendder

harry- i will never let u go i love you to much

author-aww i love u to baby

harry- so what ya wanna do now

author - this ( gets up and sits in harrys lap and stars kissing him lustfully)

harry- ughhh this feels so good he moans between kisses

author- starts rolling hips and gets up and looks at harry ¨little friend¨ poking through his already tight jeans)


author are you going to deal with that ¨little friend¨ hmm

harry-i-i  u-u-u-mmm

author -its ok i will help you ´ẃinks´

harry- so you will sit on my waist an start-


harry- my bad its just that i cant wait wohoo

author-come here harry walks to me and starts kissing each other passionatly stops and waks to the bedroom

harry - ugh u are such tease

author- u coming or not

harry-nods head vigiroulsy

author- well ya know what happened let your dirty mind no your sexy imagination run wild and free hehehe

harry- b--y--e guys ugh OMG harry moans

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