A girl with a normal life and she goes to school but moves and when she moves something is wrong she feels like everybody is watching her.And when she goes to school she meets 4 boys Liam , Niall , Louis,and Harry but for some reason it is like they are watching her and everyone knows that when they want something they get it but in the process they doesn't want to kill her instead all of them start to like her and fight over her but know it can never be true what will happen read to find out ( AND JUST TO LET YOU KNOW #em MADE THE COVER SO GRETA JOB TO HER SHE IS GREAT GO FOLLOW HER


2. First Day

Today was the day that I go to the new school in a country with new people. It seems to me there is a lot of new things in my life but I'm used to it. I've moved so much that it doesn't bother me. So as I got up at 5:00 to take my normal early run to keep this model body. so I put on my nike sports bra and a pair of victoria secrects pink joggers.

So after I put those on I went into the bathroom and put my hair in a high ponytail and washed my face and brushed my teeth. Even though It's the morning doesn't mean I have to have dragen breath. Anyways I grabbed my Iphone 6s plus and my mint colored beats and headed downstairs to only see my brother asleep on the couch with the tv still on. I laughed at him but no enough to wak him up so i just gently shook him and told him " Ashton wake up and go In my room and sleep in the bed it's much comfier and to me quite warmer. He just lazily got up and walked up to my room and shut the door nd i was aout to leave when i heard a thump he said "i'm alright just slammed on the bed". I quietly laughed to myself and went out the door and started to jog. I jog for about 1 hour and then go to starbucks and then go home and get ready for school. As i was jogging and listening to waiting for love by avicii i bumped into someone and i fell and my arm hit the ground. I looked up and saw the person who hit me HE had the most gorgeous eyes that were like forest green and- STOP divina your  supposed to be hurt speaking of it "ow omygod it hurts like hell " I saw that the guy that knocked me down helped my up and might i say his abs looked killer anyways

 i'm so so so very sorry i did not see you there oh omygod your bleeding let me help you''

"no no im ok it doesn't even hurt tha-OW''

''like you were saying it doesn't hurt OW''

then me and the mystery man i yet to know his name but other than that 

 he helped to his house and i found out that he is the same age as me and is going to the same school  so i guess you can say i found a new freind?

harry which i found out was his name and he drove me home and we exchanged numbers 

" so i'll see you at school '' harry said

"yea so.. bye harry see you in school" 

and that was when i realized that it was 6:00 and i was still in my jogging outfit 


Hey guys so it is curently 2:11 in the morning and im kida tired but your lucky I updated but yea i hoped you like it plz plz plz comment when your done and i need at least 10 likes and 5 comments so yea hope you like it as much as i had much fun writing it bye all my loviles

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