The hidden stories

These are poems about me, and other people I care about. But if you would like to give a request please contact me through my wall, or in the comments of this book... thank you, and I will notify you when the poem is done, and what the name of it is.


5. Something gone:

Hey, I'm sorry that I have been able to update this book very often but I will try my best over the next few weeks. Though I might not be so happy. I broke up with my boyfriend last week and I want to write my feelings on paper and may publish them to the world. I know that some times that people go through the same sort of thing as I do. I want to dedicate this to the ones who have been hurt by a broken heart.

Hearts broken,

Rage over flows,

I can't stand to hear what I already know,

I have to go,

It's all my fault,

No one tries to stop me,

They know they can't,

Not even if they wanted to,

He gave me his heart to carry,

And what did I do?

I broke it as he broke my own.


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