The hidden stories

These are poems about me, and other people I care about. But if you would like to give a request please contact me through my wall, or in the comments of this book... thank you, and I will notify you when the poem is done, and what the name of it is.


14. Past in the present:

The tears won't stop,

I can't seem to speak,

I feel like I might drop,

Up until now my life had been bleak.


I look at them all,

My sisters and brothers that I haven't seen in years,

I realise how my mother is so small,

My little sister's eyes are filled with tears.


My heart feels weak,

This is the first time that I have seen them since I left,

I take a step towards them and the floor creaks,

I can't seem to catch my breath.


I can't believe my eyes,

I can't believe that I'm seeing them right in front of me,

I wish I never broke my family ties,

Even now I wish I should have just let it be.

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