The hidden stories

These are poems about me, and other people I care about. But if you would like to give a request please contact me through my wall, or in the comments of this book... thank you, and I will notify you when the poem is done, and what the name of it is.


2. moving on:

Please note that this poem means so much to me, and I am dedicating it to anyone who loved someone, but they had to move making it almost impossible to see them ever again.

Moving on:
The flowers are falling from the trees above.
I have lost my love,
The sky is no longer dark,
For I will find some one soon.
Though I will never forget you,
You brought the meaning into my life,
You are the reason for me to get out of bed every day,
But I will always have this hole in the middle of my heart,
My love, please don't forget me,
Because I know with the pain that you left behind,
That I won't forget you,
So now I just need to move on.
Good bye my love.

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