Pretty Little Flower

Everyone and everything has beauty not just on the outside, but on the inside, but sometimes that beauty becomes corrupted.


1. Beauty

A garden full of


open and free

Each one beautiful

in its own way

they blossomed and

Bloomed giving

something to the

world even when

people don't see it.


The people awed

at its beauty

taking advantage, they

plucked the flowers

killing them slowly

one petal falls

then another and another..

until appearing in the trash.


A white plastic fence

now surrounds the garden

but still the people

awed at their beauty

pink, white, purple and yellow


all different kinds,

pansy's, roses, daisies and

so much more.


People hopped the fence

stepping on the ones

they didn't want and

picking the ones they did

the flowers stand

no chance

they will lose their

petals and be no more

but at least the

people are happy, even

if their beauty only

lasts a short time.


There is now a steel fence

surrounding the


still showing


but only



Wow how pretty!

All the people say

They jump the fence

They step on them and

don't give them a

second look

They lay there

crooked, petals falling

All of them


Some of them are picked

but they will die as well


As the days pass people

keep taking advantage of the


until the high stone wall

is built where no one

can see the flowers



Behind the walls the


still shine

even though

no one

can see.

They will always


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