Life as We Know it

Death, famine, disease. All of which were the main elements of my childhood, raised in the apocalypse, raised to survive. Life is consistent now, much like it was before or so I was told. I didn't take nothing from anyone, criminality is still common, theft, rape, murder, all of it. I worry about other people more than the zombies...


1. Rubble

London. Such a great city it once was... Now it lays there, literally, buildings of such historic value abandoned on the concrete streets. Ruins dust over the grey, stiff streets, dimly lit but the occasional buzz of the street lights. Whether to travel during the night is safer or not is dependant, for myself, passing through, the night is my best protection. Shrouding me, not announcing my presence, to be alone would be mad, but I am, so that doesn't frighten me. People scare me, everyone is unpredictable, age doesn't even matter, the rare case you find a child, they'll just as easily steal from you or kill you.


Crumbled rubble rolled beneath my boots, a sickness filled the air whilst the sun began to rise above the remainder of the previous state of humanity. Amongst it all were sure to be a large number of people, best to find cover high up. I turned into the building next to me, there was not many walls still standing on their foundations, should be free from too many people. A concrete flat complex, wouldn't surprise me to find families still in there, I won't disturb them they simply want to survive. Most people stay in one place, smarter people form colonies and the smartest people learn that only one thing will do. Weaponry. My Remington 870 shotgun strapped to me has always got my back, literally. I found it not that long ago in an abandoned old house in the middle of nowhere, I crashed there for a month or so, I can't really remember. Until a group of people with their own guns decided that that was their spot, I didn't care.


I made my way to a higher floor of the building, I didn't hear anyone, must be abandoned this floor. It's safer to be higher though the ground floors are always full, like I said, normally with families. One of the doors was open, the green, half broken door seemed oddly inviting. I pushed it fully open, quietly, staring into space, unaware of my sight but concentrating to hear. Tiptoeing across the floorboards deemed difficult, creaking with each step drawing all possible attention. I saw an empty sofa, parked in front of a smashed TV this will do for the night. I peered around the corner briefly, deeming that the flat was empty, I jumped on the sofa.


It wasn't exactly comfortable but it was better than the floor. I lied on the right side, facing towards the TV and behind it, the large doors which led out to a tiny balcony. Might provide useful if I need to escape, I've climbed down buildings plenty plus with all the balconies simply jump down to another until on the ground floor. I closed my eyes, feeling as if they suddenly were made of led. Exhaustion wasn't enough to fall asleep ordinarily, fear creeps into my thought making it easier said than done. Not tonight. 

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