The dare

When a night of truth or dare turns two people's world upside down. What will happen? How will the girl react when the finds out the deafening truth.

Ashton, Calum, Michael, Luke and Michael and Luke's girl friends were all at Ashton's house. They were all pretty drunk and they decided to play truth or dare. It was Ashton's turn "Truth or Dare?" Michael asked "Dare" Ashton said. But the thing Ashton didn't know that this dare would turn his life and his friends into a lie and that it would ruin a inocent girls dreames.


1. Some thing new

Jasmine’s Pov
Beeb, Beeb! I heard my alarm go off. Uggh i have to go to school, i rolled out of bed and went to that bath room to do may hair i put it in a braided bun and then went back to room and put on a blue denim high wasted shorts and a pink long sleeved crop top that sipped up at the front with my my black and white vans. I ran down stairs grabbed my bag "Bye mom!" I yelled and ran out the door to meet up with my friend Eleanor. "He babe!" she said "Hi" i said back. We walked to school talking about our crushes so Eleanor has a huge crush on Calum and i have a major crush on Ashton. We walked through the school door's and went to our lockers which was right next to each other’s i got my books and we started walking to class.

My books were knocked out of my hand "Opps!" Amber laughed. Ohh great these two bitches. Just to let you know Alesha and Amber have been tormenting me since we were in 7th grade and we are now in twelfth grade. "You should watch were you’re going you pathetic bitch!" Alesha said pushing me to the floor. "Sorry i said hurriedly and started to pick up my books "Why don't you just kill yourself nobody likes you!" Alesha yelled. By now tears were streaming down my face i started to walk away when Amber grabbed my bun and pushed me to the ground " What the hell is your problem just leave me alone i have never done anything to you." i yelled Then Amber slapped me "Ohh no you don't" Eleanora yelled and punched Amber in the face "You don't do this to my best friend and why don't you go kill yourself because everyone here think you two are a joke she said and helped me up off the floor. I was still shocked because Eleanor has never done that.

We started to walk away when Alesha kicked me in my stomach i hunched over in pain. That's what you get you pathetic bitch" She screamed i was kneeling on the floor i guess Eleanor went to get a teacher. A pair of strong arm's helped me up which was not good since i cough up blood. I looked up to see who is was ohh shit it was Ashton. "Are you okay he asked i was confused because he never helped me he just watched! I guess i looked pretty bad "Why do you care Ashton? Nobody likes her any way" she smirked and made her way over to me but Ashton stopped her "That's enough!" he said sternly She walked away with Amber. “I..I..I’m fine” I lied. Then Eleanora came back “Let’s go Jasmine” she said she took me from Ashton and started walking me to the bath room “I hope you are okay” he yelled after us.
Ashton’s Pov
I felt really bad for the girl I know that Amber and Alesha has been mean to her since 7th grade but they have no right to do that to someone who has never done anything to them. I walked down to the school basement which is our secret place to hang out. ‘He mate!, The girls over here were telling us that you defended a girl up there.” Michael asked “Yeah the poor girl was on the ground coughing blood because of these two but the girl didn’t even do anything to them and I felt bad because I have seen them beating her up other times but this time I couldn’t help it.” I explained “Okay umm who was she girl” Calum asked “Jasmine I think her name is and then her friend Eleanora help her to the bathroom.” I told him “Well she deserved it!” Alesha yelled “Yeah whatever.” I said dryly. We went back up and the day dragged on.

When the last bell finally rang I jumped up and ran out the door it was Friday so the guys and their girls were coming over. Later that night the gang was over we were all pretty drunk and we decided to play truth or dare. I wasn’t paying much attention to the game. Was think about the girl Jasmine who has been on my mind all day. Someone shoved me “what!” I yelled ‘It’s your turn Luke said “Truth or dare” Michael said “Dare” I yelled “I dare you to date Jasmine and let her trust you Then take her virginity and leave her” Michael said. I was shocked “I..I can’t do that. That’s her innocence and I would be terrible to just leave her after I take it from her!” I yelled at him “Well that’s the dare do it or you’re out the gang” He said seriously “Fine” I said. Tomorrow is going to be a game changer.



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