The dare

When a night of truth or dare turns two people's world upside down. What will happen? How will the girl react when the finds out the deafening truth.

Ashton, Calum, Michael, Luke and Michael and Luke's girl friends were all at Ashton's house. They were all pretty drunk and they decided to play truth or dare. It was Ashton's turn "Truth or Dare?" Michael asked "Dare" Ashton said. But the thing Ashton didn't know that this dare would turn his life and his friends into a lie and that it would ruin a inocent girls dreames.


3. OMG

Jasmine’s pov
We ran up the stairs to my room I walked into my closet and picked out a couple outfits. We decided that I was going to wear my cheetah-print Victoria secret’s bikini and over it I wore my tiny high wasted denim shorts with a Pink tight crop top with my black and white vans and I put my hair in a braided bun. Eleanora wore a pink and black Bikini and a skater skirt with a blue flowy crop tom and all black vans and she put her hair in a fish tail braid. We walked down stairs and hoped in my mom’s car. We were a little late to the party but whatever Eleanora ran out and up to the door I was a little slower I had to say I was pretty nervous. I caught up to her and we went in the house. It was already crowded with drunk people.

We made our way to the back of the house like Ashton said. When we got there it was only Ashton, Luke, Calum, Michael, Amber and Aleshia there. “Hello ladies!” Luke yelled. Calum and Ashton made their way over to us “You look hot you know.” Ashton whispered in my ear. I just blush and walked over to the pool where the two slut were already in some form of bathing suite but they might as well not have any clothes on because the little piece of fabric is not doing well. “Ready to go swimming!” Calum yelled and tried to pick up Eleanora but she backed away. “I have to take my clothes off first man. So me and her walked over to the chairs and started to take of our stuff. When I got to my short’s I knew they were all staring at us I looked over at Eleanora and she smiled because she knew too. So I decided to give a little show.

I slowly took my short’s reviling my skimpy bikini bottom and then I took off my crop top and threw it on the chair then we strut over to them. “Like the show!” Eleanora smirked. “Haha you should of seen you guy’s faces!” I laughed. “Little tease.” Ashton said. Then I and Eleanora were picked up I knew who it was Ash put me down!” “No can’t do princess” he laughed. My heart swelled when he called me princess. Then he jumped in the pool “uggh now my hair is all wet!” I cried “Aww don’t cry just wash it” he said sarcastically I just laughed. Soon everyone else was in the pool. I was of course not paying attention to the two devils and they didn’t bother me. They probably didn’t want to be beat up again. Was swimming with Ash when he whispered “Will you go out with me?” I was shocked! “Yes!” I screamed and then I kissed him.

Everyone else started to laugh. *2 hours later* we all have been back in side for a while I was drinking with Eleanora, Calum, Luke, and Michael. I didn’t even wonder where the queen bitches were. “Uggh my feet are killing me I whined. “You can borrow my van’s they are upstairs’ they are the size 9 one’s because Ashton and I share a room sometimes so his shoes are in there too.” He said and turned his attention back to Eleanora “Okay thanks Cal.” I said and left. It seemed like me and Eleanora were becoming closer with the boy’s. I walked up the stairs and opened the door with the green day poster on it like cal said. I couldn’t believe my eye I saw Ashton in bed fucking some other girl I just stood there with tear’s flowing down my face. They noticed that someone was there and he looked up and pure guilt flashed across his face. I just turned on my heel and ran out. I could hear Ashton yelling after me “Jasmine I…….”! But I was out the door.


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