The dare

When a night of truth or dare turns two people's world upside down. What will happen? How will the girl react when the finds out the deafening truth.

Ashton, Calum, Michael, Luke and Michael and Luke's girl friends were all at Ashton's house. They were all pretty drunk and they decided to play truth or dare. It was Ashton's turn "Truth or Dare?" Michael asked "Dare" Ashton said. But the thing Ashton didn't know that this dare would turn his life and his friends into a lie and that it would ruin a inocent girls dreames.


4. I don't want to talk to you!

Jasmine’s Pov
I ran down stairs and tried to grab Eleanora but she wouldn’t budge. “El come on we have to leave right now.” I cried. “Jas what’s wrong.” She asked concerned “I walked up stairs to Cal’s and Ash room to get his vans like he said but when I opened the door I saw Ash and some girl fucking in the bed so I turn around and ran out of the room but I could still hear him calling me.” I cried “ohh babe I’m so sorry.” She said. Then Ash came running into the kitchen. Jasmine can “I please explain” he pleaded “No I don’t want to hear your bullshit.” “Please just let me tell y….” ”No what do you have to say that you ask me out two hours ago and then I see you fucking some slut in your best friend’s bed.” I yelled cutting him off. “Can we please go?” I ask Eleanora “Yeah.” She said and with that we walked out and she drove us home. Once we got back home we went up to my room and put on some comfy clothes “I still can’t believe that he did that though!” she yelled “I know” I said quietly “He is not good for you I don’t think.” She said. “Can we just go to bed?” “Yeah” with that we went to sleep. *Next day* I woke up and got out of bed I still didn’t feel great about going to school and seeing Ashton. I got out of bed and put on some yoga legging’s and a pink sports bra and a pink black hoody with my pink uggs that had bows in the back. I went to the bath room and put my hair in a messy bun. I noticed that El wasn’t in the room so I ran down stairs and saw her in the same outfit as mine but just a purple hoody instead of black. She was making eggs and bacon “Haha we are dressed the same!” she snorted I just roll my eyes and sat down. She came over with the food and I quickly scarfed it down and we grabbed our bags and head to the car. “Are you ready to see Ashton?” she asked “No I am just going to try to not bump into him today. We pulled up in the school and got out and walked to our locker. Eleanora stopped to talk to a teacher so I kept walking. Then I felt someone grabb me and backed up into the janitors closet. I turned to see it was Ashton. “Let me go Ash I don’t want to talk to you!” I yelled and looked at him. He had dark circles underneath his eyes like he has been crying. “Please just let me explain.” He begged “Fine you have 2 minutes.” “Well yesterday I walked into me and Cal’s room to get my Van’s and then my ex-girlfriend came up behind me I tried to push her away but she just come up on me and then she kissed me and I couldn’t resist because I still like her a little bit. I’m really sorry Jasmine I really like you and please give me another chance and I swear I will never do it agin.” He pleaded, I felt really bad and I actually liked him a lot so I decided to give him another chance “Yes I will give you another chance.” He smiled and kissed me. I pulled away and walked out of the closet. I’m not sure if this was the right thing to do but I really like him.
Ashton’s Pov
She is soo stupid to have given me another chance but it worked out for me I still get a shot at taking her innocence. I still feel a little bit bad about it but I got over it. I only had circles under my eyes because I had to force cry to show Calum that I actually cared that I hurt her since he is getting along with her and her friend Eleanora. I mean Alexis wasn’t even my ex I don’t date I fucked her two other times and let me tell you she’s the best so I don’t really feel that bad that I fucked her. I guess Jasmine is hot but innocent girls aren’t really my type. But it’s not like I’m going to date her for real this is only a dare/bet it doesn’t mean anything to me. I do feel bad but she should just be happy that someone like me is actually dating her.


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