The dare

When a night of truth or dare turns two people's world upside down. What will happen? How will the girl react when the finds out the deafening truth.

Ashton, Calum, Michael, Luke and Michael and Luke's girl friends were all at Ashton's house. They were all pretty drunk and they decided to play truth or dare. It was Ashton's turn "Truth or Dare?" Michael asked "Dare" Ashton said. But the thing Ashton didn't know that this dare would turn his life and his friends into a lie and that it would ruin a inocent girls dreames.


2. Fighting Back

Still Ashton’s Pov
I woke up to I miss you by blink one eighty-two. I rolled out of bed and put on some tight black skinny jeans and a band tee. I went to the bath room and brushed my teeth and pun on a bandana. I walked down stairs and grabbed my bag and slipped on some vans. I ran out the door to my Jeep and drove to pick up the boy’s. Once I got them all I started to drive to school. “So dude how are you going to start this plan?” Michael asked. “You’ll just have to wait and see.” I smirked “Ahh fuck you man!” He yelled at me “No thanks dud that you’re girlfriend job.’ I laughed all the other guys busted out laughing but Michael just sat there with an angry face.

We pulled up in school and piled out. I went to my first period class which I noticed I had with Jasmine so did her friend but she was sitting behind her so I sat beside Jasmine. She looked up at me with those bright green eyes. She blushed when she met my eyes and looked down so I took it as a sign she might like me. “He gorgeous I’m having a party tonight at my house why don’t you come along and bring your friend with you.” I suggested “Umm.. I…I do” she started to say but her friend cut her off. “We’ll be there don’t worry.” She said and glared at her friend. “I’m looking forward to seeing you there. Hmm why don’t you and you’re friend join us at my lunch table today.” I said “Umm okay” she said with a smile. I turned around satisfied. All my classes seemed to drag on longer and then finally it was lunch time.
Jasmine’s Pov
As the bell rang for lunch time I immediately got nervous why did I say yes to sitting at his lunch table and why did Eleanora have to say yes to the party I thought to myself. As soon as I walked out of the class room Eleanora basically drags me to my locker and I laughed and put my book’s away and then she dragged me to the lunch room. We walked in line to get our food. While we were waiting the boys came up to us. “Ash told us that you are sitting with us today.” Calum said who was also way to close to Eleanora. Hmm does he like her! Omg I looked at her and it seemed like her eyes were saying the same thing. “Umm what are you guy’s doing?” Luke asked we just laugh. “We are communicating telepathically.” I replied and then the boy’s start laughing “It’s true we can look at each other and see what each other are thinking at times.” Eleanora said

“Haha!” Michael said sarcastically. I really don’t like him I thought staring him down at the same time Eleanora was giving him the evil eye. “Ha! It seems like it’s true as soon as Jasmine gave you a dirty look Eleanora gave you the eye!” Ashton laughed. It was our time to get our food I got pizza and fries and a soda the boy’s got the same. “I give them credit they got pizza!” Michael shouted. I just giggle like a school girl. We make our way over to the table where I noticed queen bitch 1 and queen bitch 2. I looked at Eleanora and she looked at me and we rolled our eyes and sat down. “What are these hooker’s doing here?” Aleshia half yelled and half screamed “Speak for yourself” I said quietly and Eleanora laughed “What did you say bitch?” Amber yelled “I said speak for yourself.” I yelled back. “Ohh look you grew some balls well you better put them back or I will punch your ugly face in!” Aleshia screamed.

“Well guess what I am tired of this has been going on way too long and I swear if you come over here and touch me I will be the one to punch your face in cunt!” I screamed. That seemed to do it Aleshia came over and punched me in my face I stood there shocked “That’s what I thought bitc..” I didn’t let her finished because I punched her square in her nose. She grabbed my hair and tried to punch me in my stomach but I got out of her grip. I tackled her to the floor then I climbed on top of her and started to punch her. “You ...punch stupid..Punch little. Punch bitch..Punch” I yelled. Aber came up and tried to punch me but Eleanora grabbed her by her hair and threw her on the ground and stared to punch her face in. I grabbed Aleshia’s hair and started to bang her head into the floor. Then someone lifted me up and looked to see who it was.

I t was Ashton “Let me go!” I yelled at him “No I can’t I think that’s enough.” He said. He spun me around to look at him. My eye’s started to tear up and he noticed he hugged me and I started cry full force “It’s not enough the amount of thing’s that she has done to me over the years the only reason I didn’t fight back soon enough was because everyone said if I don’t then they will go away but they never did and I couldn’t take it anymore.” I cried. “I’m sorry and I’m also sorry that I never did anything to help you.” He said sadly “its fine any way’s.” I whispered “I have something to ask you but I will just ask you when you come to the party.” He whispered huskily into my ear.

I hated waiting it was terrible but I decided not to push anything. I look over to see where Eleanora is and she is in Calum’s arms I smile when I see them they look so cute together. I guess Ashton saw me staring at them and he whispered “Calum told me he really likes her.” “Yeah she really likes him too.” I answered. I looked and saw Luke and Michael still sitting there and Amber and Aleshia were limping off to the bath room. I got Eleanora and we went to class. The rest of the day dragged on pretty slowly. Then as the last bell rung I went to my locker and got my stuff soon Eleanora met me there and we started to walk home. “I don’t even have anything to wear!” She yelled “Just come over my house Ash told me it’s a pool party so don’t be too fancy. “Okay” she said we walked inside my house to get ready.


I hoped you like the second chapter tooo!!!!!!!!!!! next one coming tomorrow!!!

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