Let me Out

This is the story of my current life. This is my journey to becoming me. These are my struggles in being transgender, and my struggles of being me.


2. the poem i wrote about being trans

people ask me


"why are you so weird?"


and honestly,

i do not know


ever since i was a child,

little things have made me seem

so vile


people would come,

and people would go


i would be left crying home alone


before i knew what 'gay' meant,

i was experiencing girls lips

on my own.


when i am asked "why are you so different?"


i honestly do not know,

but i wish people would just accept me

just for me alone.


now that i am older,

a young adult, if that,


i now know that i

was never meant to be a gay girl...


i was meant to be a straight boy..


still having an interest in men,

like 5sos, or Kellin Quinn,


i stay sat here confused and alone,

cutting my flesh,

and crying on my way home


being different isn't bad,

i have been told that time and time again,

but when you're the one being laughed at

wanting a penis between your legs


then you tell me what's right and wrong to feel


yes, i want to be a man,

yes i am full on trans,

but who are you to say what to feel?


who are you?


you are nothing to me anymore,

i am finished, done,

so be gone from my life,


because i do not want to be a boy,

but i want to be a man.






**i call it Feelings**

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