Let me Out

This is the story of my current life. This is my journey to becoming me. These are my struggles in being transgender, and my struggles of being me.


1. being transgender

it's not walk in the park, let me just say. being transgendered isn't something to brag about, well....it depends if you want to or not. i, personally, don't. people call me an attention-freak, tranny-freak, waste, sick, wrong, disgusting....but in reality, at the end of the day, i'm calling myself those names too. because when people tell you something enough, you start to believe it.


now, my parents aren't bad people, and they never will be, but sometimes i honestly wish they'd give me a little more support. people have told me not to expect much from them when coming out, but i unfortunately did. i expected them to welcome me and tell me it'll be ok and that we'll figure this out together. but they didn't. big shock, huh? they started to force me to wear makeup, force me to keep my hair long, forced me to wear girls clothes. i hate every minute of my life right now, and i wish it could be different.


my friends aren't too keen on it either. one friend makes fun of me, another has drawn away, other friends aren't even friends anymore. but the friends i do have, the ones that support me, i am very grateful for. they mean everything to me and i love them to death. ((one of them i'm secretly crushing on. shh))


my life is quite chaotic, but i've gotten used to it. i may hate my life and i may hate being forced to be a girl, but i know deep down, i am a boy.


i am a male, i am transgender, i am me. Adam.

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