Let me Out

This is the story of my current life. This is my journey to becoming me. These are my struggles in being transgender, and my struggles of being me.


3. being adam

being adam is hard. especially when adam wears makeup and when adam has long hair. being transgender isn't even supposed to be this hard. i have a friend who is trans, and everything for him is going so great. he has short hair, his parents don't care ((well maybe that's not a good thing. depends on how you look at it.)), he has tons of friends, the girl who everyone wants always hugs him hello and hugs him goodbye, and yeah the list goes on. and then you look at me, and my life is shit. literal shit. i spend too much time loving those i shouldn't, too much time being sad, too much time crying, too much time being hurt. honestly there are days when i just wear makeup and don't even question it because i'm so used to being forced into it. my life is just a mixture or tears, depression and being something i'm not. i'm so tired of this life, i just want to be adam.

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