The ricen

The ricen go to plaice to get back what was once theres.



Michael was always curios about his sexuallity. Peeps would teese him because he was bicurios. He had a penis but. also boobs. He was a manawoman. But he loved finging his vagina. At school he play the musica,l instruments. He play guitar. But some say he not very good. All say that but one kid. Obama. JK. Me. Me loved Mikael cus he perfect. Mikael sedrectly love me two. At lunch micael rubbed his man boobs against me. Then he followed me home. We kisked Mikael hated it. He ran away from me. I die from the pian. THHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEE      EEENNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDD.


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