6. Chapter 6

* Jasmine's Pov *

Waking up to my mom shaking me I opened my eyes to see her standing over me. " get up and get dressed we have thirty more minutes " my mom said " alright I'm up " I said and left my room and I got out of bed and headed to take a shower. Getting out I changed into my outfit. I curled my hair then put in my black pearl earrings and put in my 3 in 1 heart chain necklace. After I was ready I grabbed my phone and quickly took a picture of myself in my full length mirror and sent it to Madison then met my mom in the kitchen. " do you want to stop by Starbucks " my mom asked " yes " I said and leaving the house I got in the car with my mom and she drove to starbucks. I ordered a mocha frappé with whip cream and my mom ordered a coffee. After my mom paid she drove off to work. Once we arrived at my moms job we got out the car and went to her office. My mom sat at her desk while I looked around. " okay so how do you want to be at the party " my mom asked " a vip section and tables on the side of the dance floor " I said " okay how do you want to arrive at the party " my mom asked " I was thinking arrive in a carriage and then once you walk in there's going to be like a pink carpet leading to a background where you can get your picture taken " I said " what do you want your cake to look like " she asked " I don't know " I said " okay so I'll talk to some of my workers and see what we can put together but first we have to find a place for the party...do you want to go look right now or next week " my mom said " now to get it over with so it won't be last minute " I said " okay " my mom said and my mom and I got up then left her office out to her car. I got in then strapped my seatbelt and my mom drove around town looking for a vacant place for my party. Suddenly she stopped at this building and she got out. She then pulled out her phone and called someone. Just then my phone began to ring I looked to see Lisa calling. [ Phone Convo ] Me - hello Lisa❤️💋 - what are you doing Me - with my mom at work Lisa❤️💋 - are you guys planning your sweet sixteen Me - yea Lisa❤️💋 - okay so how is it going Me - I don't know we're at this place where the party might be at Lisa❤️💋 - oh okay Me - I can't wait I'm so excited Lisa❤️💋 - you should be you're finally turning sixteen Me - I know Lisa❤️💋 - and you'll be the same age as Madison Me - whatever bye Lisa❤️💋 - bye [ End Of Phone Convo ] After hanging up the phone with Lisa I played with my phone when I hear my mom tap on my window and I rolled down the window. " yea " I said " turn off the car and get out " my mom said I did as she said and got out closing the door then the car locked itself. I look up from my phone to see a lady with a folder in her hand standing with my mom. " my name is Allison I heard you wanted to rent the place for a sweet sixteen " Allison said " yes " my mom said and Allison unlocked the doors to the building and we walked inside. I walked around and looked at things picturing where stuff would be. After about an hour and a half of my mom talking with Allison she told my mom to come back Friday to pay and we can use the place. Getting inside the car my mom drove back to her job. I was sitting in one of the chairs in my moms office texting people on my phone when Madison called me. [ Phone Convo ] Madison❤️🔐 - how is hanging out with your mom at work Me - good we got done planning my party I'm so excited Madison❤️🔐 - I bet you are Me - how's school Madison❤️🔐 - good but I'm ready to leave so I can see you Me - aww you miss me Madison❤️🔐 - yea I do I know you miss me Me - you know it Madison❤️🔐 - we'll talk to you later Me - okay bye [ End Of Phone Convo ] I hung up the phone and looked over to my mom who was typing on her laptop. " what are you doing " I asked " going through emails " she said " I'm so excited I can't wait " I said " just a week and a day " my mom said " I know " I said and for a few hours I stayed in my moms office talking with her until about one thirty. My mom and I got in the car and she drove to subway. I got a six inch sub with meat , cheese, mustard and pickles with a medium sprite. My mom had ordered a BLT sandwich with a medium sized coke. After my mom paid for lunch we got back in the car and my mom drove back to work. " I don't know if we should have the party at that building " my mom said " why " I said " I would rather you have it at a hotel where we won't have to do so much work and you might not be able to arrive in a carriage and not be able to the photo shoot " my mom said " that's fine as long as I get a sweet sixteen party " I said " okay then " my mom said and a few more hours I relaxed in my moms office until around two when she dropped me off at home. I was sitting the backyard by the pool dressed in a pair of light blue denim shorts, a white shirt that had the words ' oh yes ' in black on the front and black flip flop sandals just relaxing. I was listening to ' Nothing To Lose ' by the Empire Cast when I get a text from Madison. [ Text Convo ] Madison❤️🔐 - are you home😩 Me - yes I am why? Madison❤️🔐 - cause I'm coming over to see you😍😍 Me - lol😂okay I'm in the back yard by the pool🏊 Madison❤️🔐 - okay👌see you👀 [ End Of Text Convo ] After texting Madison I grabbed my hair tie off my wrist and I put my hair into a ponytail. Hearing the back door slide open I turned to see my mom bringing Stella outside. " what's wrong " I asked " she kept whining trying to get in so I brought her to you " my mom said " okay " I said and my mom handed me Stella then walked back in the house. I looked down at Stella to see her resting on my thigh. Just then I turned to see Madison walk from the side of the house over to me. " hey babe " he said " hey how was school " I asked " good how was your day " Madison asked " okay I guess " I said " why I guess " Madison said " because my mom said she might not have my party at the place we went to go look at " I said " why " Madison asked " she said she would rather do it at a hotel " I said " why " he said " I don't know she complicated but most likely she'll have it at the vacant place we went to go look at but overall I'm really excited for my birthday but then again shouldn't every person be happy for their sixteenth birthday " I said " what's the color of your dress going to be " Madison asked " pink " I said " you like the color pink " Madison asked " yes I'm a girl but I also like the color blue green white basically every color there is " I said and I checked the time and my eyes widened. " what is it " Madison asked " new episode of spongebob comes on in two minutes " I said and got up along with Madison and went inside the house to the basement. Grabbing the remote I turned on the tv and turned it to spongebob on Nick. " SpongeBob is life " Madison said " got that rite " I said and this episode was when Spongebob and Patrick go on a submarine to sell Krabby Patties and Plankton finds out and tries to sabotage their business. When Spongebob returns Mr. Krabs asks for the money and Spongebob says he traded them for deep sea colored rocks. " that was a not so good episode " Madison said " why " I asked " they could've found a way out the abyss the spongebob is stupid enough to trade in the money for rocks " Madison said " Spongebob is stupid regardless along with Patrick " I said " Spongebob was dropped as a baby " Madison said " really " I said " yea " he says " that explains why he thinks everyone likes him when they don't " I said " exactly " Madison said and after about an hour and a half of watching spongebob Madison had got up. He leaned over and kissed me then left. As for me I stayed in the basement watching tv until around eight I had went to the kitchen and made myself a ham sandwich with cool ranch Doritos and went up to my room. I sat on my bed along with Stella and ate my food. When I was done eating I put in my pajamas and laid in bed.

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