5. Chapter 5

* Madison's Pov *

Waking up this morning I texted Jasmine.

[ Text Convo ] 
Me - hey babe spend the day with me 😊❤️
Jasmine💋🔐 - doing what 
Me - anything you want to do
Jasmine💋🔐 - I mean I guess we could do something
Me - I'll be at you house in an hour and wear your beauty hoodie and I'll wear my beast one 
Jasmine💋🔐 - fine alright
Me - thanks 
[ End Of Text Convo ] 

Setting my phone down I went to the bathroom and got in the shower. I got out and dried off then I got dressed. Putting on my silver chain I grabbed my phone and walked to Jasmine's house. 

* Jasmine's Pov * 

After Madison texted me I had got in the shower and washed my body. Getting out I dried off and got dressed in my outfit. Putting my red rose earrings on and polka dot now tie necklace I curled my hair then I grabbed my phone and headed to the kitchen and grabbed a strawberry poptart. Hearing footsteps behind me I looked to see my mom. 

" where are your going " my mom asked 

" Madison wanted to do something together today " I said 

" as a date " she said 

" I don't know " I said 

" where are you guys going " my mom asked again 

" he didn't say all he said was was to wear my beauty hoodie and he was going to wear his beast one " I said and heard the doorbell ring followed by a few knocks. 

" well that must be him " my mom said 

" yea I'll see you guys later " I said 

" okay have fun " my mom said 

" okay bye " I said and walked over to the door and opened it and it was Madison. 

Smiling at at him I wrapped my arms around his abdomen and Madison cupped my face and smashed our lips together. We pulled pulled away and Madison grabbed my hand interlacing our finger together then we started walking. We ended up walking to baskin & robins. I looked at Madison with an ' are you serious ' look. 

" what " he said 

" really you could've told me we were going to baskin & robins " I said 

" I wanted to surprise you " Madison said 

" you know how much I love ice cream " I said 

" I know that's why I brought you here " Madison said and we walked inside and I walked over to the different flavors and couldn't decide what to get.

Finally deciding what flavor I wanted I stood in front of Madison in line. Once we got to the front of the line I ordered a resses peanut butter sundae and Madison got a simple cookies n' cream on a waffle cone. When we had our ice cream we sat down and started eating. 

" why did you have me wear the hoodie " I asked 

" I think you look cute in it " Madison said and I blushed. 

I started chuckling at what he said. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I unlocked it to see a text from Lisa.

[ Text Convo]
Lisa❤️💋 - how's you date with Madison 
Me - good he took me to baskin n robins 
Lisa❤️💋 - lucky 
Me - aren't I luckily I have the best boyfriend 
Lisa❤️💋 - wish I had a boyfriend 
Me - you will
[ End Of Text Convo ]

I put my phone away in my pocket and continued eating my ice cream. After Madison and I finished eating our ice cream we got up and left baskin n robins. We were walking on the sidewalk with our fingers interlaced with one another. 

" where to next " I asked 

" anywhere you want " Madison said 

" how about to the arcade I want my rematch " I said 

" okay but don't cry if you lose " Madison said

" whatever let's make a bet " I said 

" I'm listening " he said 

" if I win you be my slave for a week " I said 

" and if I win you have to pay me one hundred dollars " Madison said and I thought about it. 

It sounded reasonable. 

" deal " I said and I nodded my head and stook my hand out and Madison took it and shook it up and down. 

" deal " he said and we walked to the arcade that was inside the mall and we started playing basketball.

" ready " I said 

" yea ready to beat you " Madison said 

" yea rite " I said and when the basketballs came down shot after shot we made until we were ties 32 to 32. 

" whoever gets 40 points win " Madison said 

" okay good " I said and I shot the ball to the hoop and made it making me at 35 points with two minutes on the clock. 

Madison shot another ball and he missed so he did it again and made it makin him at 34 points. All I needed was 5 more points to win and Madison would bet slave for a week. I grabbed the last ball getting ready to shoot with 60 seconds on the timer. I shot the ball and it didn't make it into the hoop. When Madison shot the ball it hit the rim and made it through the hoop. It made him at 42 points. I groaned and turned towards Madison with my arms crossed in front of me. 

" don't get mad get glad " Madison said 

" whatever " I said and Madison grabbed my hand and kissed my knuckles. 

We we walked out of the arcade and walked around the mall in circles to pass time. Eventually we left the mall and started to walk to my house. Once we arrived at my house I wrapped my arms around him resting my head on his shoulder.

" what are you doing for your birthday " Madison asked me

" I don't know you have to ask my mom all I know is that I'm going to work with her tomorrow " I said 

" what for " Madison said 

" I have no clue " I said 

" well I'll see you later or tomorrow after I get home from school " Madison said 

" okay bye " I said and leaned up and kissed Madison on the lips. 

Smiling into the kiss I pulled away and walked into the house and went up to my room where Stella was sleep on my bed. Sitting in the swing next to my bed I started playing on my phone. Hearing a knock on my door I opened it to see Lisa and Leah. 

" how was your date " Leah asked 

" good I guess "I said 

" what did you guys do " Lisa asked 

" we went to go get ice cream then to the arcade have you seen his brother Justin and his girlfriend they are so cute " I said 

" are they " Lisa said

" yea " I said and I unlocked my phone and went to my Instagram page then to the people I follow. 

Going to Justin's page and found a pic of him and Gayle when they first began dating. 

" what's her name " Lisa asked 

" Gayle she's so adorable " I said 

" they make and adorable couple " I said and we sat in my room talking and watching tv. 

A few few hours later my mom had brought us pizza and drinks for lunch. 

" thanks mom " I said 

" you're welcome " my mom said and we sat in my room just relaxing and talking. 

" have you met his family " Leah asked 

" I've met his brothers that's it " I said 

" do you want to meet the rest of his family " Lisa asked 

" well yea I am his girlfriend aren't I " I said

" yea " Lisa said 

" alright then " I said and we watched tv until around eight and that's when Lisa and Leah had to go home so my mom dropped them off. 

As for me I had got got in the shower. Getting out I had my pajamas on. I put my hair into a messy bun and got in bed. I was on my way to sleep when my phone dinged. 

[ Text Convo ] 
Madison❤️🔐 - goodnight beautiful ❤️😘 sweet dreams💤💭
Me - you too my prince ❤️👑
[ End Of Text Convo ]

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