4. Chapter 4

* Jasmine's Pov *

Waking up on the floor I looked around I realized I was on the floor of my basement. Getting up I walked up the steps I smelt food and I heard voices coming from the kitchen. Going into the kitchen I see my mom cooking then Lisa and Leah sitting at the island. My mom turned around and looked at me.

" look who's up " my mom said

" it's about time " Lisa said

" shut up Lisa " I said rubbing

my eyes

" grumpy much " my mom said

" no she talks too much " I said

" no I don't " Lisa protested and I sat next to her and my mom set down a plate of pancakes in front of us.

She ten took out three glasses and poured orange juice in it then set them down in front of us. We started to eat and talk.

" what do you guys want to do today " I asked

" I wanted to go to that pet shop that opened a week ago " Leah said

" me too " Lisa said

" okay " I said and we finished eating and I went to my

bathroom and got in shower.

I got out and got dressed ( http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_1020/set?id=124299874 ).

Doing my hair in a fishtail braid to the side I put on my silver hidden message pendant and crystal hoop earrings with my silver ear cuffs. Hearing a knock on my room door and I opened it to see my mom.

" are you ready " my mom said

" yes " I said and we left the house and got in then my mom drove to the pet shop.

We then got out and went inside and started looking around. Going over to the dogs and puppies I looked at each and every one but one puppy caught my eyes it looked like a newborn. Gasping I bent down and looked at the newborn puppy through the glass window. Taking out my phone I called Lisa.

[ Phone Convo ]

Me - hey you guys come over to the puppies

Lisa❤️💋 - why

Me - just come over here

Lisa❤️💋 - okay

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

Hearing footsteps I turned around to see Lisa , Leah , and my mom.

" what is it " Lisa said

" look " I said and I pointed to the puppy that was asleep with a bottle of milk next to it.

" it's so adorable " Leah said

" I want it " I said looking at my mom.

I knew she was thinking about it.

" are you sure you can take care of a puppy " my mom said

" yes can I please get it " I pleaded

" okay fine " my mom said

" thank you I love you so much " I said and after buying the puppy we headed back to my house.

Going inside we went up to my room and sat on my bed.

" Jasmine how long have you and Madison been dating " Leah asked me.

" well we've been dating since last year but then we broke up because he made out with my best friend , not Lisa and now we got back together yesterday " I said

" oh " Leah said

" yup and hopefully we stay together " I said

" what do you guys want to do mown" Lisa asked

" go to the bowling alley " I said

" sounds fun " Leah said

Getting of my bed with Stella in my hands we walked downstairs ad I seen my mom in the living room.

" can you care for Stella we'll be back in a couple hours " I said to my mom.

" where are you guys going " my mom said

" to the mall " I said

" okay " she said and I handed Stella over to my mom then Lisa , Leah , and I left my house and started walking to the mall.

" so is it going be just us " Leah asked

" I'll see if Madison me his two friends or his brother wants to met us there " I said and pulled my phone out my back pocket and called Madison.

[ Phone Convo ]

Madison❤️🔐 - hello

Me - hey do you and some friends want to meet me Lisa and Leah at the mall

Madison❤️🔐 - you read my mind

Me - don't I always do

Madison❤️🔐 - that's funny

Me - see you there

Madison❤️🔐 - okay bye

Me - bye

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

I locked my phone and put it back in my back pocket. We then started to continue walk to the mall. Once there we went inside the bowling alley and headed to the arcade. Once we were there we started playing games. Feeling my phone vibrate I looked to see a text from Madison.

[ Text Convo ]

Madison❤️🔐 - where are you guys

Me - by the race car games

Madison❤️🔐 - which one

Me - the blue , red , and yellow one

Madison❤️🔐 - okay thank you

Me - welcome

[ End Of Text Convo ]

I put my phone in my lap and Lisa sat in the other race car next to me.

" race me " Lisa said

" be prepared to lose " I said

" yea rite " she said and we put in a quarter and picked the two player then the game took us to the starting line.

As the lights went from red , yellow , to green we started racing. I kept trying to get ahead of Lisa but she always passed me. As we finished our race which I won by the way I felt someone touch my waist. I turned around to see Madison.

" why do you always do that " I said

" do what " Madison said

" sneak up on me " I said

" sorry " he said

" you really need to stop doing that if a person sneaks up on me it's a reflex for me to back hand you " I said

" I'll keep that in mind " Madison said and grabbed my hand interlacing our fingers together we walked to a shooting game.

Putting a token inside we began to play. Madison kep trying to mess me up so I could lose. In the end Madison won twice not once but twice.

" how did you beat me not once but twice " I said

" it's all skill " Madison said

" I want a rematch some day maybe not today but someday " I said as we went over to a basket ball game.

Once we put in our token and the basketballs came down we had to shoot them as much as we can. Winning by 32 points and Madison 20 points I was happy that I beat him at something. We then all went over to the other side where we can all get food and stood in line. I ordered a large pepperoni pizza for all of us and everyone ordered their own drinks then we went and sat at a table. Once our pizza was ready a worker brought it out to our table. We all sat at our table and started eating the pizza I bought for us. After we ate the pizza we got up and went to play more games. An hour later we all decided to go to my house. Going inside I seen my mom was still siting on the couch.

" you guys are back " my mom said

" yea we'll be in the basement " I said and I took Stella from my mom and went to the basement.

Sitting down I turned on the tv and we started to watch Ridiculousness. For a couple more hours we stayed in the basement and watched anything that came on mtv.

" what are we doing tomorrow " Lisa asked

" what do you mean we " I said

" as in me , you , and Leah " Lisa said

" there's no us you're going home " I said

" why " Lisa said

" because you've been here for a day already almost two " I said

" so what " she said

" I'm just kidding " I said

" do you two always do this to each other " Leah asked

" yea it's cause we love each other " Lisa said and we relaxed and watched MTV until around six thirty my mom made sausage and mushroom lasagna and we all are the entire pan cause it was that good.

After a while Madison , Justin and his friend had to leave. As for me , Lisa , and Leah we changed into pajamas and went to bed.

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