3. Chapter 3

* Madison's Pov *

After talking with Jasmine yesterday I was really hoping she would take me back and forgive me. I really hope she does forgive me and take me back.

Snapping out of thought I decided to walk to her house. Walking up to her front door I knocked on it. A few seconds later she opened she opened th door.

" what are you doing here " she said

" to see if you made up your mind " I said

" come in " she said and moved out of the way and opened the door allowing me inside her house.

I walked in and we sat in her living room on her couch . The silence I couldn't take it so I broke the silence between us making it less awkward between us.

" so how've you been " I said

" good how about you '' Jasmine said

" good , so have you made up your mind ? " I asked

" yes " she said

" so what will it be " I said

" look I forgive you and I want to take you back but then again I don't , but if I take you back you have to gain my trust " she said

" I will I promise , wait so you're taking me back " I said

" yes but I don't deserve to get hurt again " Jasmine said

" you won't I promise " I said

" okay " she said and I got up then she got up behind me walking me to the door.

I pulled her to me and gave her a long hug then as I pulled away from her we both started to lean in and that's when our lips connected. It was like we were the only people on this earth in this planet. After about a couple of minute we pulled away leaning our foreheads against each others smiling at one another.

" bye " I said

" bye " she said

* Jasmine's Pov *

After Madison left I couldn't stop smiling. I walked up to my room biting my lip. Walking past my parents room and my mom walked out the room and stopped me.

" what's up with the smile " she said

" take a good guess " I said

" you and Madison got back together " she said

" yea " I said

" it's about time " she said

" yea " I said then I walked to my room and laid in my bed when my mom came in my room.

" do you want to go to my nail appointment with me you can bring Lisa " my mom said

" sure " I said then I grabbed my phone and dialed Lisa's number.

[ Phone Convo ]

Lisa❤️💋 - hey Jasmine

Me - do you want to go with me to my moms nail appointment

Lisa❤️💋 - sure

Me - also we need to talk

Lisa❤️💋 - about what

Me - I'll tell you when I see you

Lisa❤️💋 - okay bye

Me - bye

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

I hung up the phone with Lisa and got dressed in this . I straightened my hair bumping my bangs. I put on my silver chanel bracelet and I grabbed my phone and waited for my mom downstairs. Once she was done getting ready we got in her car and drove to Lisa's house. Once there at her house we Lisa walked outside and got in th car. My mom drove off to the nail salon she goes to.

We got out and then went inside .

" one fill in and two full sets " my mom said and me and Lisa went and picked our color and went over to one of the seats.

Sitting down a came and started doing my nails and another lady came and did Lisa's nails. After cutting , shaping , filing , and painting our nails the ladies were done with our nails. We sat down at the drier letting our nails dry. When my nails were done drieing my mom was done with her fill in . We paid the ladies who did our nails and left the nail salon. As we were in the car Lisa started talkng to me.

" so what did you want to talk to me about ? " Lisa asked

" well me and Madison got back together this morning then we kissed " I said

" WHAT !!! really " she said in disbelief

" yup " I said

" I knew you missed him " Lisa said

" I know " I said and my mom ended up driving to a burger place to get something to eat.

We got out and went inside and got a booth to sit at. Looking over the menu I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Taking it out it to see it was a text message from Madison.

[ Text Convo ]

Madison❤️🔐 - hey babe whatchu doing 😀

Me- at a burger place with Lisa and my mom 😃

Madison❤️🔐 - that's good well I have to go bye ❤️❤️❤️😘

Me- bye ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

[ End Of Text Convo ]

Smiling to myself I put my phone back into my pocket and continued looking over the menu. Deciding what I wanted I closed my menu waiting for our waitress . When she came we ordered our drinks and told her what we wanted. Waiting for our food my phone vibrated again. Takig it out it was a text message from Lisa.

[ Text Convo ]

Lisa❤️💋 - who were you sending kissie and heart emojis to

Me - my boyfriend duh

Lisa❤️💋 - already you just seen him this morning

Me - so what maybe you should get one

Lisa❤️💋 - I will don't worry

Me - yea okay

[ End Of Text Convo ]

Putting my phone away our waitress brought us our food. We began to eat and talk.

" are you finally going to stop acting derpressed ? " Lisa asked me

" yes " I said

" that's good " she said and we sat and talked then our waitress came with our food.

We ate and talked about random things but mostly of what I've been through since the day we broke up and why I decided to take him back and forgive him. After eating we got up and my mom left the tip and we left the restaurant then we got in the car and dropped off Lisa at her house. We got home and I stayed downstairs.

Watching the Curse Of Chucky my phone vibrated. I looked at it to see it was a text message from Madison aka the bae.

[ Text Convo ]

Madison❤️🔐 - hey babe😀

Me - hi😃

Madison❤️🔐 - whatcha doing

Me - nothing what about you

Madison❤️🔐 - same

Me - wanna come over and go swimming with me 😁

Madison❤️🔐 - sure can I bring Justin and another friend 🙏😩

Me - fine

Madison❤️🔐 - k bye love you 😘❤️

Me - love you too 😘❤️❤️

[ End Of Text Convo ]

I then dialed Lisa's number.

[ Phone Convo ]

Lisa❤️💋 - yo

Me - aye wanna come swimming with me you can bring Leah if you want

Lisa❤️💋 - heck yea we'll be over

Me - ciao ( bye )

Lisa❤️💋 - adios ( bye )

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

I hung up the phone and went up to my room and got in the shower. Getting out I dried off and put on my bikini .

Grabbing my towel and sunscreeen I went to my parents bedroom and knocked on the door. My dad answered the door.

" I'm having friends over to go swimming " I said

" what friends " he said

" Lisa , Leah , Madison , his friend , and hisbrother " I said

" wait did you say Madison " he said

" yes Madison " I said

" after he broke your heart " he said

" yes well we got back together this morning " I said

" oh so that's why your mother stopped and talked to you " my dad said

" yup " I said

" okay I guess that's fine no funny business " he said

" wouldn't think about it " I said

" alright go have fun we'll be down in a few minutes " he said and I walked downstairs tothe back yard and sat on one of the lounge chairsand sprayed on some sunscreen.

After spraying on sunscreen then I jumped into the pool. Hearing voices from underwater I came up to see Lisa and Leah . Leah was her step sister who is really nice she's real chill.

" you got in without us " Lisa said

" well sorry " I said

" so who else is coming ? " she said

" my bae , his friend , and Justin " I said

" oh what does his friends look like ? " Lisa asked me

" I don't know " I said

" what about his brother " Lisa said

" he looks likes Madison to me they look like twins " I said

" really " Leah said

" yup " I said and just then we heard more voices and coing around the corner was was Madison , his friend , and his brother Justin.

Lisa and Leah looked between Madison and Justin and couldn't believe what they were seeing. They had a ' what ' look on their faces.

" Lisa they do look alike twins " Lisa said

" what I tell you " I said

" yea they do " Leah said

" Justin is older than Madison huh ? " Lisa asked

" I think so " I said

" they look the same age to me " Leah said and I looked between Madison and Justin .

" yea they do but I think Justin is older " I said

" by how long ? " Leah said

" I don't know " I said and going back underwater swimming at the bottom.

My pool goes up to eight feet and you can imagine me swimming at the bottom, you may think I am going to drown but I can hold my breath for a long time and never get tired.

Hearing a splash from underwater seeing tht it was Justin , Madison , Lisa , and Leah. Going over to them trying not to be noticed by them. While I was still underwater I touched Lisa's leg making her jump. I then swam away.

" Jasmine I'm gonna smack to italian out of you " Lisa said and I swam away from her as she swam after me to the deep end of the pool.

As she caught my ankle I kicked her in her left boob letting her let go of my ankle. Coming back up from underwater breathing hard I smiled at her.

" hi " I said

" Jasmine you perra " Lisa said

" scusate ( sorry ) " I said

" where have you been ? " Leah asked

" underwater " I said and they all had shocked looks on their faces,

" she can hold her breath for a long time " Lisa said

" yup got it from my moms side of the family " I said

" let's play a game " Lisa suddenly said

" what game " I said and I stood next to Madison and bumped my hip against his.

He laughed and wrapped his arms around me whispering sweet things in my ear making me smile and rested his chin on my shoulder. I could feel his facial hair on my cheek and I laughed cause it tickled.

" what are you laughing at " Madison said

" your facial hair tickles... so what game are we going to play " I said

" Marco Polo " Lisa said and we tried to figure out who was going to be it when Leah decided to be it.

She turned her back to us and started to count to twenty. When she got finished counting she called out.

" Marco " Leah called out.

" Polo " we all said scattering around the pool.

She followed my voice and almost got me to be it. When she couldn't find any of us which as because we got out the pool and sat on the ground next to the pool. She then gave up and opened her eyes.

" no wonder I couldn't find any of you guys you all were sitting outside the pool and isn't that cheating " Leah said and just then my mom and dad walked outside.

" your daughter is cheating " Lisa said

" how so " my mom said

" she got out of the pool when she wasn't supposed to " Lisa snitched

" shut up cause you did it too " I said and my mom looked at me.

" Jasmine perche vuoi imbroglaire " she said ( why would you cheat )

" era solo un gioco " I said ( it was just a game )

" non eri ostentare eriora " she said ( you weren't showing off were you now )

" nessuna mom " I said ( no mom )

" okay have fun when you guys get out do you guys want something to eat " my mom said

" e possibile ordinare la pizza quando usciamo " I said ( you can order pizza when we get out )

" okay " my mom said and her and my dad went back into the house.

Looking back at everyone the just stared at me.

" what " I said

" what language was that " Justin asked me

" Italian " I said

" you speak Italian " Justin said

" I am Italian " I said

" nice " he said

" yup " I said and we got back on the pool and swam around then played games.

While everyone was playing in the deep end me and Madison were in the shallow end just talking. He had my back up against the wall of the pool with his hands around my waist.

" I'm so happy we got back together cause I missed you " Madison said

" oh really " I said

" yes really " he said

" what do you miss about me " I said

" for one your smile " Madison said

" go on " I said

" your lips , your laugh , the way your nose scrunches up when I kiss it " he said and since he's taller than me Madison leaned down and kissed me.

I then wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer then kissed back.

" I missed you so much " I said pulling away from Madison.

" how much " Madison said

" a lot I was all sad and stuff " I said

" really " he said

" yes really " I said and and just as our lips were about to connect I heard Lisa's voice.

" can you two please stop eating each others faces and breath " Lisa said and I rolled my eyes and laughed.

" she gets on my nerves I swear " I said

" come on " Madison said and he turned and I jumped on his back.

He then walked over to the others. For a couple we just swam around and played chicken. When we got out we dried off then Lisa , Leah , and I went up to my room. I then got my stuff ready to get in the shower. Once I got in the shower I washed all the pool water off my body then I washed my hair. I got out and put on my relaxing and comfortable outfit.

As I threw my hair into a messy bun Lisa got in the shower. Lisa then came out dressed in red.

A few minutes later Leah came out dressed in blue. By the time we are done getting ready my mom had gotten back with pizza , chips , and drinks.

We then all went down to the basement and sat down. I then put in the movie Curse Of Chucky and sat on the couch.

As the movie went on I ended up next to Madison cuddles up with him.

Once the movie was over we ended up watching G.I. Joe Retalliation. Once that movie was over Madison , his friend , and Justin had to leave. They got up and Madison kissed me on the cheek then left. As for me , Lisa & Leah we stayed in the basement tv until we fell asleep.

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