2. Chapter 2

* Jasmine's Pov *

I woke up and got out of bed and went to my bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face to wake myself up more. I then headed to the kitchen and made myself a bowl of lucky charms.

Waking to the living room turning on the tv I sat down on the couch and watched Spongebob and started eating my cereal. After eating my bowl of cereal I made sure the tv downstairs was off and I went up to my room. I grabbed my phone and called my friend Lisa.

[ Phone Convo ]

Lisa❤️💋 - hello

Me - hey Lisa

Lisa❤️💋 - what's up Jas

Me - everything is up

Lisa❤️💋 - what's wrong

Me - I seen him twice yesterday

Lisa❤️💋 - where

Me - first at the mall then at the movie theatre seeing the same movie as me

Lisa❤️💋 - oh wow

Me - yup wanna come over

Lisa❤️💋 - sure

Me - bye

Lisa❤️💋 - bye bye

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

I decided to get in the shower to freshen up. I got out and dried off then got changed into something comfortable. I threw my hair into am easy bun then headed back to the living room and waited for Lisa. When she did arrive I opened the door and let her in. We then went into the living room and sat on the couch.

" so what have you been up to " I said

" nothing much what about you " Lisa said

" trying to avoid ex boyfriends " I said

" do you still have feelings for him " she asked me

" I don't know it's like I do but then again I don't after what he did and when I saw him yesterday I the mall I was like what do I do , me and my mom ran into the nearest store and waited till he passed by " I said

" you guys didn't " Lisa said

" we did I was scared and I started to panic I said mom what should I do " I said laughing

" I wish I was there to see it " she said

" you would've been laughing at us " I said

" so what is your mom doing for your birthday " Lisa asked

" I don't know you have to ask her yourself " I said and my mom walked downstairs in her work outfit getting ready to leave.

My mom works at one of those event companies where she is the boss of the company , yup so she's kind of rich so I know she's doing something huge for my 16th birthday. As she was about to pass us to walk out the door Lisa stopped her.

" Mrs. Ava what are you gonna do for Jasmine's birthday ? " Lisa said

" it's a surprise " my mom said then she left the house for work.

" she won't tell me anything " I said

" I see " Lisa said

" I know she's doing something huge " I said

" I bet she is " she said

" let's go do something " I said

" what do you have in mind " Lisa said

" let's go to that bowling alley inside the mall " I said

" okay go get dressed " Lisa said and I went up to my room and got ready .

I grabbedy cross body bag putting then I put my eyeball wallet inside but first I put money inside of it then I put my Chapstick inside of my bag and then my phone. I grabbed my house key then walked downstairs . We left the house and I locked the door and we started walking to the mall. About twenty minutes later we arrived at the mall.

Going inside we went inside the bowling alley. We went up to the show clurk and got a pair of bowling shoes then went to an empty lane. We put the shoes on and as I entered our names Lisa went and got us bowling balls.

When she handed me my ball we started playing.

* Madison's Pov *

Walking around the mall with my brother Justin and his a couple of my friends we were just walking around. We walked past the bowling alley and my brother stopped me.

" isn't that that you're ex Jasmine " Justin said and I looked to see who he was pointing at .

" no it's not her " I said

" look closer " he said and I did and looked closely at the girl.

As the girl got closer I then realized it was Jasmine. Her and her friend went to the shoe clurk and gave them the bowling shoes and they went to the lane they were at and put their shoes back on. Her and her friend walked passed us to the arcade games.

" should I go talk to her " I said

" it's all you " Justin said

" I think I'll just go talk to her " I said and I sighed heavily trying to get the butterflies out of my stomach.

I pulled it together and walked over to her tapping her shoulder.

" Jasmine " I said

* Jasmine's Pov *

I felt someone call my name and tape on my shoulder. Turning around I felt my heart start beating really fast and it felt like I was going to die. The person behind me was the person I least expected.

" Madison " I said

" yea it's me can we talk " he said

"uhm sure " I said and I got up from the car racing game and started walking with Madison to play more games.

We decided to go play air hockey. As we started to play the game he started to talk.

" are you still mad at me for what I did " he said

" you tell me " I said not making eye contact with him.

"well I don't know " Madison said

" look I'm not mad anymore I got over it a long time ago " I said

" then why won't you look up at me " he said

" because I am concentrating on the game " I said and I ended up hitting the puck to him and he caught it with his hand.

I sighed finally look up at him. His green eyes looking back at me with guilt making me feel bad for some reason.

" look me in the eyes and tell me your not mad " Madison said and I stared at him into his eyes.

Looking at him in the eyes I couldn't bring myself to say anything.

" I can't " I said

" so you're still mad at me " he said

" I just can't let what you did to me go " I said

" and I'm so sorry " he said

" sorry won't make up for it " I said

" I'll do whatever it takes for you take me back and forgive me " Madison said

" doing that is going to be a while for me to think about " I said and I walked away from Madison over to Lisa .

We then walked out the bowling alley then left the mall. Walking to my house Lisa was asking me all kind of questions.

" what did you guys talk about " Lisa asked

" about what happened that day he said he would do whatever it takes for me to take him back and to forgive him " I said

" what did you say " Lisa said

" I said its gonna take me a while to think about " I said and we got to my house and wen went inside then went up to my room.

I then plopped down on my bed throwing a tempertantrum like a little kid who couldn't get candy from the store. I then screamed into the blanket of my bed.

" you okay " Lisa aked me

" yup " I said

" are you sure " she said

" no " I said

" why " Lisa said

" he made me look him the eyes his cute green eyes " I said

" oh my gosh " she said

" what " I said

" you love him dont't you it may seem like you don't but you do " she said

" maybe I do " I said

" anyway I'll call you later or text you when I get home " Lisa said

" okay " I said

" kk bye " Lisa said and she started to walk out my room and I followed her so I could lock the door.

We got downstairs and Lisa opened the door stepping outside where her mom was. I said bye to Lisa and closed then locked the door behind her.Walking upstairs to my room I went sitting on my bed and tarted thinking about if I should start dating Madison again.

A few minutes later I heard thye front door close knowing it was probably my mom. I heard her knock on my door and I told her to come in.

" hey sweetie " my mom said

" hey mom " I said

" how was your day " she said

" awkward " I said

" how so " my mom said

" well I was with Lisa at the bowling alley in the mall at the arcade section when I felt someone tap my shoulder and call my name I turned around to see it was Madison so we walked and talked he was apoligizing and now he wants me to forgive him and take him back I told him it would take me a while to think about it " I said

" are you going to forgive him and take him back or what are you gonna do " my mom said

" I don't know I'm still thinking " I said

" make the rite choice so what do you and your dad want for dinner " she asked

" I don't know go ask dad " I said and she left my room room to her and my dads room to I guess ask my dad what he wants for dinner.

She then came back into my room.

" you want chinese food " my mom asked

" sure " I said

" what do you want " she said

" the usual terriyaki chicken lots of it and fried rice " I said

" okay I'll be back " she said

" okay and bring me a sprite " I said

" okay " my mom said then she left my room then the house and drove to get chinese food.

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