Loving The

Alexandria is a 20 year old girl who is in a relationship with the one and only Nate ' Skate ' Maloley. How can she love him with him being around thirsty girls all the time.


1. Chapter 1💙

* Alexandria's Pov *

Sitting in my living room of my condo I was waiting for my friend Alina to come over since I haven't seen her in a few months. When I looked through the peep hole to see Alina I opened the door and pulled Alina into a hug.

" I missed you like you don't even know " I said

" I missed you too five months is a long time " Alina said and I allowed her in then closed the door and locked it then we sat on the couch in the living room.

" so how've you been " Alina asked

" fantastic what about you " I said

" better " Alina said

" ever since you got out of a relationship with Ruben " I said

" yes " she said

" I told you the relationship wasn't going to work out but you didn't listen to me " I said


" I know and I should've listened what about you and Skate " Alina said

" we're good he wants me to meet his friends " I said

" do you want to " Alina asked

" I mean I guess but from what I hear they're idiots but they sure can rap " I said

" what friends are you meeting " she asked

" Sammy Gilinsky and Johnson " I said

" is Gilinsky single now " Alina asked

" no he's still dating Madison Beer " I said

" eww " she said

" I know I hope he doesn't bring he I don't like her she thinks she's grown she only sixteen and Skate knows that " I said

" I know huh " Alina said and just then there was a knock on my door and I looked at Alina.

We got up and headed to the door and I looked through the peep hole to see Skate , Johnson , Sammy , Gilinsky and his girlfriend Madison. I know he did not bring her to my house.

" I know he did not bring her how disrespectful " I said

" you need to talk to him " Alina said

" girl who you telling " I said and opened the door and looked at everyone in front of me.

" so you're not going to let us in " Skate asked

" should I really " I said

" yes " he said and I rolled my eyes and they all came in and sat on my couches.

I then looked at Skate with my hands on my hips with my hip cocked out to the side. Grabbing Skate by his shirt I took to my room where I smacked his in the back of his head.

" you deserved that " I said

" damn lil mama what was that for " Skate groaned rubbing his head

" for allowing her to come here " I said

" I didn't she tagged along with Gilinsky " he said

" well I don't like that she's here hell in surprised I haven't cussed her out by now " I said

" please don't do nothing stupid " Skate said and he wrapped his arms around me and backed me into the nearest wall.

" what makes you think I'll do something stupid " I said

" come on lil mama don't act all innocent " he said

" I'm not " I said and Skate's face was inches away from mine and he tried to kiss me but I put my hand in front of his face and turned my head to the right making Skate kiss my cheek.

Since I did that Skate grabbed my face and smashed his lips to mine. I couldn't help but kiss him back cause I love the way his lips feel against mine.

I smiled into the kiss wrapping my arms around him gripping the back of his shirt. My hands then found their way under Skate's shirt feeling his warm skin under my hands. Being the better person I pulled away making Skate pull me back into another kiss.

Once again I pulled away but I pushed Skate away from me.

" why'd you pull away " Skate said

" cause if we continued we wouldn't leave this room and now I'm like sexually frustrated you always start something you can't finish " I said

" if the guys and your friend wasn't here you know I take care of you " Skate said and I rolled my eyes walking past Skate and he smacked my ass hard making me glare at him.

" stop doing that keep your hands to yourself " I said and I walked into the living room and sat on the couch.

Alina then came over and sat next to me then whispered in my ear.

" so why is she here " Alina whispered

" Skate said she tagged along with Gilinsky " I said

" oh wow what a follower " Alina said

" rite...so who is who all I know the one with the little girl is Gilinsky " I said

" that's Sammy the blonde one is Johnson and you already know those two love birds " Skate said and the last part of what he said made me and Alina chuckle.

" hey guys I'm Alexandria but you can call me Alex...so what shall we do today " I said

" you guys want to catch a movie " Alina asked

" what movie " I asked

" San Andreas " Alina said

" do you guys want to go see it or no " I asked

" I don't mind " Sammy said

" me neither " Johnson said and I looked over to Gilinsky who was on his phone.

" uhm what happened " he said

" you want to go see San Andreas " Johnson asked

" hell yea lets go " Gilinsky said and I got up and grabbed my keys and purse then we all walked out the door.

" what kind of car do you drive " Sammy asked

" just wait and see " I said and finally we got to my car well truck and I unlocked the door.

" bro she drives an escalade " Johnson said

" just wait till you see the inside " I said and opened the drivers door and everyone opened the other doors and gasped.

" I died and went to heaven " Sammy said

" bro I know " Johnson said

" can we get in so we can go to the movies " I said and everyone piled in my car and I got in strapping myself in.

" how did you get a car like this " Sammy asked

" seat belts please then I'll answer your question " I said and Sammy , Johnson, Gilinsky , Alina and Madison strapped in their seat belts then Gilinsky spoke.

" how you get a car like this " he asked

" how do you think " I said

" you bought it " he said

" well it was bought for me " I said

" by who " the thot I mean Madison asked

" who do you think " I said

" she bought it for you " Johnson said pointing to Alina and I shook my head.

" do you guys give up " I asked and they all nodded their heads yes making me laugh.

" just tell them already " Skate said

" daddy's girl...my dad got it for me for my birthday last year " I said

" how old are you " Sammy asked

" how old do I look " I asked

" eighteen " Johnson said

" I'm twenty " I said

" how did Skate manage to get a girl like you " Sammy asked

" through a friend " I said grabbing my auxiliary cord and hooked it up to my phone and Don't Tell Em by Jeremih ft YG began to play.

Pulling out of my parking space I drove to the movie theater. When we arrived I parked and we all got out. Going to the ticket booth we stood in line waiting. They only had two people working the ticket booth and there was a not so long line but it was taking forever. Finally we got to the front of the line and a girl smiled at me.

" welcome to amc theaters how can o help you " the girl said

" can I get seven tickets to the San Andreas movie " I said

" okay you're total is forty - five twenty three " the girls said and I reached in my to my wallet and pulled out my credit card then handed it to her.

When she was finished the girl handed me my card and our tickets.

" thank you " I said

" enjoy the show " she said

" since I bought tickets you have to buy your own food " I said and we went inside the theatre and gave our tickets to a guy and he ripped the piece off then pointed to where our movie would be playing and gave us our tickets back.

" we'll go find seats while you guys go get food " Alina said and we went our separate ways.

Going inside the theatre room since no one was here yet we sat at the top in the middle.

" there's like no one here " I said

" I wonder why...is Daren still having that pool party tomorrow " Alina asked

" yea at one o'clock " I said

" can I spend the night I have my clothes in the car " Alina said

" yes " I said

" but of Skate stays also I don't want to hear moaning " she said and I laughed then people started to show up and sat down.

After about a few minutes we see the boys and Madison walk in and looked up at us then came up and sat down. After watching the beginning credits the movie began to play. The beginning of the movie I see Colton Haynes and all I can say is he's super cute. I wish I could meet him in person. If I ever meet him in person I think I'll just die on the spot.

Anyways I was sitting there watching the movie Nate had his arm wrapped around me and I could slowly feel letting his hand slip into my top resting his hand on my boob.

" stop " I said

" stop what " Nate said

" rubbing circles in my boob " I said

" it's warm in there " he said

" it tickles " I said

" but it feels good " Nate said and the movie went on and a couple hours later the movie was over.

Everyone clapped and we got up with extra popcorn and left the theater. We got to my car and got inside putting on our seat belts and I drove off.

" does anyone have plans tomorrow " I asked

" no " Sammy said

" do you guys want to go to my friends pool party tomorrow " I asked

" hell yea you know what pool parties mean " Sammy said

" bad bitties in bikinis I'm so there " Johnson said

" but the thing is it's only eighteen and older but since I think Sammy is so adorable I'll talk to my friend and see if he'll let you come " I said

" thanks Alex " Sammy said

" you're welcome...how did you guys get here " I asked

" in Jacks jeep " Johnson said

" what time is the party " Sammy asked

" at one " I said

" okay...can we have your number so we can text you " Johnson asked

" sure it nine five one never going to happen " I said

" oh come on " Sammy whined

" okay it nine five one six nine three four two seven three " I said

" thanks Alex " Johnson said and soon enough we arrived back at my condo and I parked my car.

We all then got out and walked inside the complex. Going inside my condo I sat down my purse and sat down my keys.

" guys I'll be back " I said and I walked out the door to Daren's condo and knocked on his door.

A few seconds later Daren's girlfriend Carmina answered the door.

" hey Alex " she said

" is Daren here " I asked

" yes he is " Carmina said and she let me inside and I sat down on the couch then Daren came into the living room.

" hey Alex what brings you here " Daren asked

" well I have this friend named Sammy I told him and his friends who are eighteen that you were having a pool party but the thing is he's seventeen " I said

" what's his name again " Daren asked

" Sammy " I said

" Sammy what " he said

" Sammy Wilkinson " I said

" Sammy from Omaha squad hell yea he can come " Daren said

" okay I'll tell him he can come along " I said

" who's all at your place " Daren asked

" Nate Sammy Johnson Gilinsky and Alina " I said

" is you know who there " Carmina asked

" yes and it's irritating me I wish she was gone but they'll only be there for a few minutes then they leave " I said and I sat there for a few minutes chatting with Carmina and Daren.

Getting up I said bye to Carmina and Daren and left. As I walked to my condo Sammy Johnson Gilinsky Madison and Nate walked out.

" what did he say " Sammy asked

" he said you can come " I said

" you're awesome Alex " Sammy said and he suddenly pulled me into a hug and I could feel his hand slowly slide down to my ass.

" you're welcome and move your hands please " I said

" oh sorry " he said

" mmhhmm " I said and pulling away from him I gave Johnson and Gilinsky a hug except for Madison and walked back into my condo.

I sighed heavily and sat on my couch.

" I'm hungry " Alina says

" what do you want to eat " I asked

" chipotle " she said

" I'm not driving " I said

" fine I'll go " Alina said

" get me a chicken bowl with no cheese with a lot of meat I'll pay you back " I said

" okay " Alina said and when she left Nate walked in and sat next to me.

" I'm sorry lil mama " Nate said

" you better be sorry you know how much I don't like her and you brought her to my that's entirely disrespectful " I said

" we talked about this earlier " Nate said

" and it led to us making out and oh you owe me " I said

" I got you tonight " he said

" mhm " I said and I got up to walk to my room past Nate but he stopped me by pulling my hand and me to him making me straddle him.

" am I forgiven " Nate asked

" yes now let me go please " I said

" can I have a kiss first " Nate asked and I sighed leaning down to Nate so our lips were inches away from from each other and Nate met me halfway so our lips connected moving in sync.

I could feel Nate's hands go from my waist and grope my ass through my skinny jeans.

" okay that's enough " I said pulling away

" why did you have to wear jeans " Nate whined

" cause I wanted to " I said and as I got up off Nate he smacked my ass and I glared at him.

" you love it so stop giving me that look " Nate said and I flipped him my middle finger at him making him laugh.

Getting to my room I picked out my pajamas then went to the bathroom and ran myself a nice shower then locked the door. Once the water was at the temperature I wanted be I stepped inside and began to wash my body. I then got out and dried off then put on my pink sweet as candy pajama set and animal print slippers and then threw my hair into a messy bun and left the bathroom. By the time I left my room to put my stuff down Alina was back with the food.

" thanks Alina...how much do I owe you " I said

" seven ninety - nine " Alina said

" okay I'll give it to you later " I said

" okay " Alina said and I grabbed my food and walked and sat on the couch.

Once I finished half of my bowl I got up and put it in the microwave. Going into my bedroom I turned in my tv and laid in bed. I was so into the movie that was on to realize Nate walk in and lay next to me and began to run his hand up the back of my thigh.

" stop " I said

" why I told you I'll give you what you want " Nate said

" I changed my mind " I said

" oh really " Nate said and his hand slid to the bottom of my shorts and inside them and gripped my left ass cheek.

I suddenly was then flipped over and Nate smashed his lips to mine moving in sync. I could feel Nate's hand play with the the waist band of my pajama shorts , that's when I flipped him over and attacked Nate's neck. Every time I would bite on the skin of Nate's neck he would groan out and that's when I would I would suck on the part I bit.

Nate reached up to my hair and pulled my rubber band off out of my messy bun making my hair fall over our faces.

Suddenly I was flipped on my back and once again Nate attacked my neck with kisses. When he bit on my soft spot I moaned.

" I really hate you right now " I said

" just admit you love it " Nate said then he bit down on my soft spot again making me dig my nails in his back.

Not to mention he was shirtless and you could see redness where my nails dug into his skin. Nate slid his hand into my pajama shorts and rubbed me through my panties. I bit his lip at the pleasure I felt.

" take it off " I moaned and Nate listened to my request and pulled my bottoms off along with my panties and slowly kisses from my ankle where my tattoo is to my thighs.

When my eyes closed that's when I felt Nate's tongue glide up my heat to my clit and began sucking. The pleasure he was giving me was incredible. He has eaten me out before but never like this , he was spelling my name having me speaking in tongues.

" don't hold back let it out " Nate mumbled and I was a moaning and groaning mess , my hands gripping the bed sheets and my legs locked around Nate's head.

" I'm not I - oh shit " I moaned as I felt two of Nate's fingers slip inside of me and began to move in and out of me.

He was touching spots I didn't know I had. As Nate pumped his fingers in and out of me he sucked on my clit again at the same time. With his right hand Nate pushed my right leg up so my thigh was touching my stomach.

" hold it " Nate said and I grabbed the back of my knee holding my leg up as Nate went to work on me.

I then began to feel my stomach tighten and knew my orgasm was coming.

" oh my God " I moaned

" let it out give it to me " Nate said and that's when my orgasm came over me when my back arched off the bed.

Nate kissed my clit one last time making my legs clamp together. As I caught my breath Nate handed me my pajama bottoms with my panties and I slipped them on.

" oh wow that was...I'm so speechless " I said finally catching my breath

Nate just smiled at me and grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me.

I smiled into the kiss and kissed him back.

" now that I owed you now you owe me " he said

" when " I said

" tomorrow " he said

" deal " I said and with that I bit Nate's lip pulling it out.

I then pecked his lips one last time before we went to bed.


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