You're Like Snow..Beautiful But Cold

"I love you" Is what she says
"Your breathtaking" is what he says

"Your fat ugly and stupid" is what the world tells her
"Your a burden" is what the world tells him


1. Just come

Most of his life he has never really loved anyone. Well, that was before Hayden came. She was breathtaking, in every way possible. But she was ever so innocent, and he ever so wasn't. He was a vampire, he was an original, she was human, she was normal. 

It seemed like a dream. Until Henrik came. Henrik had a little girl, he knew how to treat a woman and he fell for Kol's girl, for a while they were just friends, then he decided he was going to kiss her.After that Hayden and Kol had problems, major problems that they could never fix. They would go off and on, off and on off and on. 

Now he was on the highway, making his  way out of Mystic Falls, this wasn't his first time fleeing my problems, and definitely not his  last. 

Just as he was about to turn off the exit,  his phone started ringing. he picked it up not checking who the caller was.

"Hello?" Her voice rang through his head, and for a second he almost wanted to turn around and drive right back to her. He knew he couldn't. Kol shook the feeling off as he answered, his voice coming out more harsh than he had expected.

"What do you want now?"

"I need to talk to you"

"We are talking"

"No, in person, I need to talk to you in person"

"Forgive me darling, but it's a bit to late for that, I'm already long gone"

"Kol, please. It's important"

"What, you sent Henrik away, and you want me back?"

Hayden's voice on the other line stayed quiet.

"That's what I thought. I'm over you Hayden. Now do yourself a bloody favor and forget about us. It's just you now."

"Just come" 

The line ended as he sighed putting the phone down "What part of no does she not understand?" he mumbled just as he looked back up at the road, to see a huge truck coming right at him. 


Kol walked into the grill, hoping to get away from his crazy family, and the pain.  As he looked around, making sure no bloody dimwits were there he spotted a girl. She looked young, maybe 20, at the oldest. Kol smirked, the beauty from behind already plenty for him. He walked up as she sat down next to her and ordered a drink. 

"What would you like?" The bartender asked

"Bourbon.." He nodded slightly, affirming his choice if drink.

After a moment he felt a pair of eyes trained on him. He smirked looking over and being met with the brightest blue eyes he had ever seen. He went to a small trance for a moment just looking at her, they way her hair framed her face, the way her eyes made her look so innocent. After a moment he snapped out of it

"Can I help you" He asked.

The girl quickly shook her head as she looked away. 

"Alright, we'll if I can't help you, maybe you can help me."

She looked back at him, as she raised a brow, he guessed showing that she was willing to help.

"I lost my phone, I was walking, and it was in my pocket, but it's not there anymore. May I use yours?"

"Yeah" she whispered so low he almost didn't hear it. 

He watched as she leaned over as she pulled out her phone before giving it to him.

"Thank you darling." He took te phone gently from her as he put his number into it, before calling his own phone, which was in his bedroom, so he would have her number. When he was done he handed it back. "Thanks again"

"Your welcome" she said placing it back in her pocket

He stood up as he left his pay for his drinks.

"I believe I never caught your name"

The blue-eyes girl stayed quiet for a moment before finally answering. "Hayden. My name is Hayden"


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