You're Like Snow..Beautiful But Cold

"I love you" Is what she says
"Your breathtaking" is what he says

"Your fat ugly and stupid" is what the world tells her
"Your a burden" is what the world tells him


7. I Kissed Him

She sighed wrapping the jacket around he shoulders before she went and sat in the room next to him. "It's about Henrik" She mumbled"

Kol nodded "Okay... Go on" 

Hayden sighed, she didn't want him to the her, but she couldn't just keep stringing him along with lies "I told Henrik I couldn't be with him, and I...I-"

"Spit it out Hayden" He said in an irritated tone

"I kissed him" The words left quickly and she cringed waiting for him to tell at her, or do something.

Instead he stood and left "Kol!" She called. "Wait, I'm sorry, I-"

Kol shook his head "Shut your bloody mouth."

"But-" She started 

"But nothing! This is the second time, all you do is tell me you don't like him, you don't love him, only me, and I should trust you. This is the second time you've kissed him!"

Hayden sighed "I know.." She whispered.

"Good. Now do yourself a favor and stay away from me" Kol turned and walked out.


Hayden ran across the baseball field a smile on her face "You will never win!" She chuckled

"Yeah? We'll see about that!" She heard Kol call back from a little bit behind her.

After a few moments she felt hands wrap around her waist, pulling her to a stop. "Aw, that's not fair" She pouted.

Kol chuckled "It's plenty fair" He whispered into her ear as he placed a kiss on her neck. "I got tired of running, I'm ready for something else" 

Hayden rolled her eyes as she moved out of his arms "Seriously?"

Kol smirked "What do you think?"

"I think no"

"Just one"


"Why not?"


He pouted "Just one"

Hayden sighed "Fine" She walked up to him and placed a light kiss on his lips "Happy?"

Kol nodded slightly "Very"



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