You're Like Snow..Beautiful But Cold

"I love you" Is what she says
"Your breathtaking" is what he says

"Your fat ugly and stupid" is what the world tells her
"Your a burden" is what the world tells him


4. Confidence

Kol looked up hearing footsteps come into the room. He was dying of hunger.

"Come to to torture me some more?" He asked looking up, only to see Hayden's small figure. "Hayden?" He breathed "What are you doing here"

"Shh, I'm going to get you out." She whispered to him as she pressed a kiss on his forehead, before leaning over and removing his ankles from the chains they were confined in. "Come on Kollie" She reached out for his hand offering support.

Kol just looked at her a moment, as he took her hand obviously struggling to stand up, without pulling her down. 

Hayden got down on her knees beside him, as she held out her wrist "Here. You need it"

He shook his head "I can't" 

She nodded "Kol. Take it" her voice was firm

Kol slowly nodded as he took her wrist. His face changed as he slowly let his teeth sink into her wrist not wanting to hurt her to much. As her blood hit his tongue, his skin started turning back it's normal color, his hair looking richer again, his brown eyes becoming alive. He pulled away after a moment, looking down at the floor, his tongue slightly flickering over his bloody lips.

Hayden smiled taking his hand, not letting go. As she stood up. Kol stood with her as they left the small torture room, leaving behind memories.

He was quiet most of the car ride, not talking much, but as they pulled into the drive way he looked at her "Thank you" He whispered.

She looked over at him smiling slightly "Anytime"

He nodded "Yeah, but really, darling, I never would have gotten out of there if it weren't for you" his voice had dropped down to whisper, as he slowly reached over, his hand running softly across her cheek, as he leaned in, at the same time slightly pulling her closer "Thank you" he said softly. 

Hayden nodded slowly, not saying anything. She looked at him her gaze dropping down to his lips before she leaned in kissing his lips softly.

Kol smirked a bit as he held he face gently, his thumb running circles over her cheeks as he kissed her back.

Jut then Kol's eyes opened as he was back in the dark room, the man staring down at him, a dark smile on his face

"Enjoy your little break?"

"Stay out of my head" Kol growled.

"Your head is full of many many secrets. This should be fun to unfold" The man smirked, standing back up.

The mans confidence brought a glare of anger in Kol. He stood up to his feet giving the man a deathly glare "You will not go in my head!" He shouted "Let me inform you darling, when I break free I will rip you to bits, I will heal you and start your torture all over again. I will bring you hell on earth!" His loud voic bounced against the walls, his matted hair, and ripped clothes due to the crash, making him look like a mad man.

The man just laughed. "We'll see"

Kol's eyes burned in rage. He ave one last final pull as his feet came free, he pulled from the wall, as he lunged at the man, ripping his head from his shoulders, bloody staying across the walls, and across Kol's body,  as if the room hasn't already experienced enough torture and blood.

Kol stood still a moment, the blood lingering on his lips he licked it off and his skin went back to normal. He dropped the head next to the body, feeling no regrets, he walked out, leaving the body to rot.


When Kol woke up he was in a small cement room, a dirt floor, it was empty, and Kol would have called it a place to go for when the wolves turned, except the body of Jordan was chained to the wall. He looked around dazed a moment before he realized what was going on.

He went to get up but found chains restrained his own body against the wall

"Jordan" He said softly. 

He had no answer.


This time she looked up "What have you done?"

"I promise darling I swear on my own life, on your life, on us, I didn't do anything. I don't know what's happening" He grunted pulling on the chains again "I will get you out of here, and when I do, we will flee, and I will make you like me, as you've been asking, and we will be together forever" He almost convinced him self of the words he had said, but he knew, that no matter what, if it had to do with his father one of them were going to die. 

"I love you" She whispered just as Michael walked in.

"Ah, your both finally awake, good lets start the game. He walked into the room, picking up a sharp blade.

Kol was shocked by her words, he had never heard her say them, or hint about saying them, but he smiled, opening his mouth to say it back, but it quickly faded as his father walked in. 

Michael looked at the too a moment "No snarky comments, no remarks, no thoughts?" He smirked "Good. Now back to that came, he walked over to Jordan, looking at her a moment before stabbing her though the hand, pinning her hand to the wall.

Jordan screamed as Kol's head jerked up "I didn't do whatever your claiming I did! I swear it on my life, on her life!" Kol yelled

Michael He pulled out the knife and poured salt water down the cut, causing Jordan's screams t once again fill the room "You don't raise your voice at me boy!" He yelled.

Kol went silent "I didn't do whatever your saying I did. It has nothing to do with her anyway, just take it out on me, please"

"Why did you kill Rebekahs love?" Michael asked, the knife positioned close over Jordan's other hand.

"Why would I kill her love? Father even for me that is cruel"

Michael stabbed Jordan in the hand once again "Stop lying"

Kol started to tear up seeing Jordan in pain. "I didn't I promise. I may not like my sister, but I would never to that to her ever."

His father seethed pouring more salt water down the cuts "STOP LYING TO ME!" He bellowed.

"I told you I swear on her life, on my life, even on your life, I did not kill Rebekah's love" Kol said calmly.

"Good, then you won't mind her dying"

"NO!" Kol yelled, but it was too late, Michael had already dug the blade into Jordan's heart.

Bloody poured from he mouth, a shocked look on her face, her eyes staring right at Kol before her body went limp.

Michael released Kol from his chains, as he walked out. 

The first thing Kol did was crawl to Jordan, tears streaming down his face for the first time since he was three. 

He sat in his knees as he removed the bloody knife from her chest before pulling her body into his lap. 

"I'm so sorry" He whispered over and over. He leaned over her as if he could still protect her from death, as he pressed his forehead to hers, not caring that he was now covered in blood "I love you too" he mumbled. "And I always have" He whispered, rocking back in forth, sitting in silence a moment before he repeated his words from earlier "I'm so sorry my love" He watched as his own tears dropped into her cheek


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