You're Like Snow..Beautiful But Cold

"I love you" Is what she says
"Your breathtaking" is what he says

"Your fat ugly and stupid" is what the world tells her
"Your a burden" is what the world tells him


6. Clingy

As Kol walked out of the room he sighed. He knew where he was, but it was far from where he needed to be. He shook his head, sending blood flying from his hair, as he looked down at his arms and legs. All
Covered in blood. And injected with vervain. He took a couple more steps before starting to pull wood from his body, first his legs. It didn't start to hurt until he started pulling chips of wood from his chest, each piece , just barely not enough to kill him for at least and hour digging into his heart. He groaned in pain pulling each one of them out.

When he was done he used in in-natural speed to make it to Hayden's house. He spent no time knocking on the door.

He smirked seeing he face as she opened it.

"Kol? What happened to you?"

He shrugged "Long story short, it doesn't really matter darling I'm alive." He walked. "I really hope you err a clingy girlfriend" he said as he glanced at her before going to her room. He went to her clothes, instantly finding several of his shirts "And you were"

He pulled them out, and grabbed his jacket, before looking around.

"What are you doing?" She asked, watching him gather clothes

Kol decided to ignore her question "You happen to have a pair of my pants?" 

Hayden crossed her arms "Maybe I do maybe I don't" 

His only looked at her a moment before shrugging "Fine be that way" He turned going through her drawers, eventually finding a pair of pants as well. "I'm using your shower"  

"Says who?"

"Says me" He answers simply, leaving no room for arugement as he walked off into the bathroom, and took a shower.

As he got in there he took of his clothes, and showered. Letting the steaming water rinse all of the blood and dirt off of his weak body. He didn't come out for another 30 minutes, ignoring Hayden every time she knocked on the door.

When he finally did get out she was standing in front of the door. He looked at her staying quiet before he smirked 

"You know, if you wanted to shower with me that bad, I'll get back in"

Hayden glared at him "No, I do not want to shower with you! That's disgusting!

He shook his head, a smug smirk still there "Your just jealous" He stepped out of the bathroom, his shoes already back on, clean and dry, as he draped the jacket over her shoulders "I changed my mind. I don't want it back" He nodded slightly before stepping around her and walking to her room, where he sat down on the edge of her bed "Now, you wanted to talk to me?"

-Back at the room-

The man groaned as he sat up, and popped his neck, glad it was attached to his body once again. He smirked standing up, seeing the blood everywhere 

"Oh Kol" he chuckled "You can't kill a leviathan

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