You're Like Snow..Beautiful But Cold

"I love you" Is what she says
"Your breathtaking" is what he says

"Your fat ugly and stupid" is what the world tells her
"Your a burden" is what the world tells him


3. Blades

Hayden sighed as she sat in her room, thinking about the thins she has done. she did. She didn't mean to it just kind a happened 'Yeah like you just "Kinda" kissed Henrik and just "Kinda" told him he was des to you' a voice in her head nagged at her. She sighed hugging her knees to her chest, stayin in the position for a while, wishing Kolwas there before she got up and went into her bathroom, as she looked at her self in the mirror.

'Your beautiful, caring, your breathtaking Hayden. Anyone who has earned just a glance from you is lucky. And anyone who can't see that is a dimwit' Kol's words chimed through her head, making her smiled slightly. The Kol that told her these words. Was the kind and caring Kol, the Kol she liked to see most, not the don't-touch-me-or-I-will-slowly-and-painfully-kill-you Kol.

Then her father words went through her head 'Your ugly stupid, and nobody loves, or ever will love you. Nobody will ever love a fat little burden on the world like you. So just do the rest of the world a favor and kill yourself' She sighed, out of the two. She knew her father is right. Everything about her everything about the way people treat her proves it. 'You were stupid to think he would ever love you. Your just a burden on his shoulders, and a far one at that. You should be ashamed at yourself' A voice said to her 'Kill your self, you owe that to him'

Hayden stood still for a moment before her eyes watered, feeling the sharp blade cut through the layers of skin and draw blood. 

She could feel the pain from her wrist, but instead of panicking she kept drawing, more and more lines. Until eventually the blade fell from her finger tips, as she really started to see the damage she was doing. 

She stayed  quiet as she put he wrist under the sink as she started to rinse the blood off of her wrists. 


Hayden looked at her mother with pure admiration in her eyes, watching the small needle see through the fabric, with different shapes and colors she saw the picture start to form. 

She smiled "How do you do that?" Her voice small quiet. She knew not to break her concentration, but the 7 year old Hayden felt like she just had to know. 

Her mother looked down at her as she smiled "You think your old enough to learn?" 

Hayden nodded quickly, crawling over to the petite woman, on her knees.

Her mother smiled, picking Hayden up and sitting her on her lap before she slowly started to explain to her what she was doing, making sure the movements matched the words.

Just as she was starting to under her mother's method her father walked in glaring at both of them, starch radiating off him in waves. Hayden never knew what the smell came from, but nobody would ever tell her what it was.

"What do you want John?" Her mothers voice was hard, firm, and quite clearly agitated.

Hayden looked down at her lap, her long dark hair falling over her small frame, not wanting to be noticed by her father. 

"I want to spend time with my little girl" He smirked, walking up to us.

As she felt her fathers hands on her waist, she screamed trying to move from his grasp "Mommy!" She held onto her mothers shirt, but she did nothing.

Hayden contained to scream and cry as she looked over seeing her twelve year old brother, Jake. "Jakey.." She whimpered, holding her hand out to him. 

Tears if sadness fell out of her eyes as well as tears of fear. Why wouldn't anyone help her? Why did every one hate her so much? What did she do to deserve this?


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