Give You What You Like

"I'll help pay for your college, if you give me what I want and you give me what I like." - Harry


2. 2


"So what's your plans for after school?" Harry asked. I looked over at the well dressed man. He had on a button up shirt that he only wore half buttoned and black jeans and brown ankle high boots. 
"I'm going to try and get into Purdue. I have a interview Monday." Harry pressed his lips together as he chewed his gum. "I went to that University. I can give a tour if you want to." 
"No, that's alright. It's not a problem at all." "It's alright." Harry said looking in the rear view mirror. "I'd be more than happy to." I smiled as we pulled up to my house. "I can put in a good word for you." I bit my lip and he smirked at me. "That would be amazing, Harry!" I was so excited.

Harry unlocked the door and I grabbed my purse and back pack off the floor. "Be ready at 8 tomorrow morning. I'm picking you up and we will get a hotel and stay until Sunday." "Stay? What will you tell Monica?" "I'll tell her I'm going to a meeting. You say you're going with friends." I nodded and smiled. "Okay. I'll be ready."

This is so exciting.

I got out and shut the door and watched Mr. Styles drive off until his tail lights fade into the dark.

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