Give You What You Like

"I'll help pay for your college, if you give me what I want and you give me what I like." - Harry


1. 1

"We need Renèe to baby sit tomorrow." my wife said as we ate our breakfast. 
"Yay! Renèe!" my kids cheered. "Eat kids." I demanded as I pointed to their bowls of oatmeal. I finished my plate and got up to place it in the sink.

"Okay, I'm off to work." I said putting on my jacket. 
"Okay," my wife said getting up. She walked into my arms and kissed me on the cheek. "have a good day, Honey." I smiled. "Bye kids. Daddy loves you!" I heard them reply with a mouth full of oatmeal. It seemed to sound like "Ugh Wuv Yoo." I had to laugh to myself about that one.

"Call Renèe and see if she can be here tonight at 5." I nodded and reached for the door handle. "Got it." and I walked out the door.


"Renèe its senior year. Graduation is right around the corner. Live your life!" I smiled at her. "I didnt say I wouldn'tgo." I laughed and she shrugged. "I just know how you are sometimes."

My phone vibrated and I reached into my pocket. 
Renèecan you be at the house at 5? We have a work thing I need to be at.


I sighed. I had that party to go to tonight. I had to call him and tell him. I heard the ringing and waited.

This totally sucked.

"Harry Styles." I heard.
"Mr. Styles, it's Renèe. I'm just calling to tell you that I had plans tonight before you asked." I said. "I understand. But I really need to be there tonight. It's very important."


"I mean-..." I thought about the kids. They were so great. I couldn't let them go to another baby sitter tonight. That would be horrible if they were mean or something. The kids always said they loved me and wanted me to baby sit them everyday. But I can't everyday.

"I'll be there." I said looking up. "Great. See ya then." and heard him hang up.

Later that night:

I was doing my homework at the dining room table. Math was killing me but I'm halfway done with it. I'm so ready to graduate and be dond with it. I understand college isn't any easier. It's less drama than high school it seems like.

I heard the front door open. I guess Monica and Harry are back now. I closed my book and got up. I realized it was raining outside.

DamnI walked hereI thought to myself. I didn't even notice. I was so into my homework.

"Renèe, how were they?" Monica asked with a smile. Harry put the keys on the counter and followed her. "Great as always." I smiled picking up my books and bag.

She held up a brown bag from Von Maur and smiled. I stared at her and she smiled big.

"Just a little something from us to say thank you for watching the kids." Her and Harry both smiled. "You guys didn't need to do this. They aren't a hassle or anything." I giggled as she handed me the bag. "Especially not from Von Maur. This place is expensive." I looked in the bag and pulled out a Juicy Couture purse. It was pink with,what I assumed were real diamonds.

"Oh wow." I was almost speechless. I've never gotten something this expensive before. "This is worth more than me." I giggled. "Don't say that." Harry said touching Monica's shoulder.

I bit my lip and looked at him. His eyes were green and sparkly. Even in dimmed lighting.

"Well thank you guys." I said pulling my bag over my shoulder. "I should get home now."

And it's raining. I just remembered.

"Harry, take her home. I don't want her walking in the rain." Monica said. I looked at him as he played with the keys in his hands. "Alright." He said as he signaled me to go.

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