That Special Girl

Jennifer Aguilar is graduating high school. After her graduation her and her family goes to a restaurant to celebrate when she meets a boy named Julian.


2. ⭕️Chapter 2⭕️

* Jennifer's Pov *

I woke up to my phone ringing/vibrating on my nightstand. I then grabbed it to see Natalie calling me.

[ Phone Convo ]

Me - hello

Natalie😁💋 - I thought you were coming with me to get a car

Me - I am give me like twenty minutes

Natalie😁💋 - alright bye

Me - bye

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

Getting out of bed I put on my outfit. I put in my black rose earrings and dangling belly ring then I put on my hear pendant necklace.

Leaving my hair wavy I applied my makeup and grabbed my phone and left the house to where Natalie was which was at the Mercedes Benz car dealership. Parking I got out and seen Natalie outside looking at cars with her mom.

" finally you show up " Natalie said

" well sorry " I said

" since you're here you can help me pick out a car " Natalie said

" why me " I whined

" because I know you know a lot about cars " she said and grabbed my hand a pulled me behind her to

look at Mercedes's.

I then hear my phone beep saying I had a text message from a number.

[ Text Convo ]

??? - hey

Me - who is this

??? - it's Julian we met last night

Me - oh hi

Julian - what are you up to

Me - helping my friend pick out a car

Julian - what kind of car

Me - a Mercedes

Julian - where at

Me - at the Mercedes Benz dealership across from the Bentley car dealership

Julian - where at in the dealership

Me - at the end in the middle

Julian - okay after I get my car I'll meet you in that same spot

Me - where are you

Julian - at the Bentley dealership

Me - really

Julian - yea

Me - what color car

Julian - black

Me - nice well okay see you when you get here

Julian - okay

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

After texting Julian I saved his number under 'Julian😍❤️' and put my phone in my vest pocket. I then hear Natalie call my name so I went over to her.

" what " I said

" what do you think of this one " she said

" get it if you want it " I said

" okay " Natalie said then went over to one of the workers and brought her to car along with her mom.

"  is this the one you want " Sandy Natalie's mom asked

" yes " Natalie said

" okay " Sandy said then her and Natalie followed the worker inside.

As I began to walk away I hear someone call my name. Turning around I see Julian walking towards me.

" hey Jen " he said

" hey " I said

" how does it feel to not go to school today " Julian asked

" good but then I have to worry about college then graduate from there and working " I said

" what college you going to " he asked

" I don't even know yet what about you  " I asked

" I don't know either " he said

" next thing you know life is going to go by so fast " I said

" I know right " Julian said and we walked inside to where Natalie and her mom were.

" what are you doing after this " I asked

" I don't know " Natalie said

" do you guys want to come with me and my friends and hang out at the mall " Julian asked

" sounds good to me " I said

" I guess but I have to tell my boyfriend " Natalie said and after she got her car the worker handed her the keys.

She then got up and we walked out of the dealership. I then went over to my car while Julian went to his car which was parked behind me.

" we'll follow you " I said

" okay " Julian said then he started his car and drove away with me behind him and Natalie behind me.

Soon enough we arrived at the mall and got out. We went inside the mall and met up with Julian's friends. Natalie then leaned over to me.

" his friends are cute " she said

" you have a boyfriend " I said

" I can't help it " Natalie says

" Jennifer this is Ricky Eddie and Juan " Julian said pointing the boys

" hi " I said

" sup " Eddie said

" hey cutie " Juan said

" aye shorty lemme get your number " Ricky said and that made me look at him with an ' are you serious look '.

" you just met her " Julian said

" so " Ricky said and Julian shook his head making Juan laugh then we walked into the mall.

We walked around the mall talking and laughing then we went into a shoe store. I was looking in the women's section for a pair of Nike roshe's runners. I found a pair of floral print ones in my size and paid for them.

* Julian's Pov *

I couldn't get over the fact that the girl named Jennifer was cute. Ricky constantly kept asking me for her number in which I said no. Eddie kept telling me to ask her out but the thing is I don't even know her like that.

" do you guys want to eat or continue to shop " Jennifer asked

" we can eat " Eddie said then we left the store to the food court and stood in line for McDonalds.

Once at the front of the line I looked at the menu.

" hi welcome to McDonald's can I take your order " the cashier who's name tag said Jessie said

" yea can I get a ten piece nugget a medium fry and a medium Pepsi " I said

" I'll get a spicy chicken with a large fry and a large sprite " Jennifer said

" okay your total is seventeen fifty-five " the cashier said and I nodded my head then took out my wallet and pulled out a twenty dollar bill right when Jennifer reached in her vest pocket.

" It's okay I've got it " I said

" are you sure " Jennifer asked

" yea it's on me " I said

" thanks " she said

" you're welcome " I said and I handed the cashier the money then she handed me my change the our order number.

When they called my number and I grabbed the red tray that has our food on it. Sitting down at a table Jennifer and I began to eat and talk.

" what store to next " she asked

" I need to go to Topshop " Natalie said

" okay wait why " Jennifer asked

" I need shorts for the beach next week on Friday " Natalie said

" oh okay " Jennifer said

" you guys are going to the beach " I asked

" yea with family and friends " Jennifer said

" and you weren't going to invite me " I asked jokingly

" I barely know you " she said

" so I'm not your friend " I asked joking

" alright you can go bring food and friends and family " she said

" it's going to be so much fun " Natalie said

" it's going to be hot " Jennifer said

" exactly why we're going to the beach " Natalie said

* Jennifer's Pov *

After we all got finished eating we got up then Natalie and I headed to Topshop. While Natalie went to go look for a pair of shorts I went to go look around. I found a cute top it was a pink lace bralet. When I found my size I grabbed it then went to find Natalie.

" did you find anything " she asked

" yes this cute top " I said showing her

" that is sexy " she said

" did you find anything " she said

" yea these white shorts but I need a top to go with it " Natalie said

" how about that mint colored crop top " I said

" I don't know " she said

" it goes with it " I said

" okay fine " Natalie said and she grabbed the top in her size then we went to the front and paid then left the store.

When we walked out we seen Julian and his friends walk out of a clothing store for men.

" are you guys doing anything tomorrow " I asked

" well I'm not " Julian said

" well my mom is throwing me a congratulation pool party and my family and friends are going to be there it's going to be fun " I said

" sounds like it I'll text you later for your address " Julian said

" alright well it was nice hanging out with you today " I said

" same here " Julian said and I waved at the guys then Natalie and I walked out to our cars and got inside.

Starting up my car I drove home with Natalie following behind me there. I parked my car then got out along with Natalie getting out of hers then we walked inside my house. Straight away I was tackled into a hug by my cousin Mariam.

" where have you been " Mariam asked

" I went to go with Natalie to get her car " I said

" what kind of car " Mariam asks

" a Mercedes Benz " Natalie said

" nice " Mariam says

" thanks " Natalie said then Mariam let me go and I walked up to my room and sat on my bed.

" so sorry I couldn't make it " Mariam said

" why couldn't you make it " I asked

" I had other plans I couldn't drop " she said

" like what " I asked

" hang out with my boyfriend " Mariam said

" whatever " I said and as I sat there talking to Natalie and Mariam I hear my phone began to ring.

I grabbed it to see Julian calling so I answered it then put it on speaker.

[ Phone Convo ]

Me - hello

Julian😍❤️ - hey what time is the party

Me - at one thirty

Julian😍❤️ - what should I bring

Me - food wise anything but other than that nothing

Julian😍❤️ - alright

Me - you're welcome bye

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

After I hung up with Julian I sat my phone down.

" who was that " Mariam asked

" a boy named Julian " I said

" is he cute " she asked

" yea he is but you have a boyfriend don't you " I said

" I only asked " Mariam said king her eyes

I laughed and laid back in bed with Natalie's head resting on my stomach for some odd reason.

Later on that night we were still in my room.

" should we order pizza " I asked

" Dominos " Natalie said

" yay " Mariam cheered j got up and walked downstairs where my mom was in the living room.

" mom can you pizza for us " I asked

" how many " she asked

" two medium one with pepperoni and the other with sausage and pepperoni " I said

" okay " my mom said and I thanked her then walked up to my room.

" she's ordering pizza I told her two medium pizzas " I said

" what toppings " Natalie asked

" one pepperoni and one combination " I said

" yay " Natalie said and close to twenty minutes later my mom two boxes of pizza.

" thanks mom " I said

" you're welcome " she said and we ate pizza and talked while watching Netflix.

After about three slices I got up and headed for a shower. I washed from head to toe then got out then dried off and out on my pajamas. I tied my hair in a messy bun and relaxed in my room with my cousin and best friend.

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