That Special Girl

Jennifer Aguilar is graduating high school. After her graduation her and her family goes to a restaurant to celebrate when she meets a boy named Julian.


1. ⭕️Chapter 1⭕️

* Jennifer's Pov *

It was Thursday and today was graduation and I am so happy. I was out of bed getting ready for school even though we get out early.

Getting dressed in my comfortable outfit. I put my hair in a messy bun then I put in my red heart earrings and my cut cubic dangling belly ring. I grabbed my phone and car keys then left the house after I said bye to my parents.

Getting in my car I started it up an drive to school. I arrived at school and parked my car next to my friend Natalie. I got out and hugged her.

" hey best friend " I said

" hey boo " Natalie said

" I'm so glad but sad cause today is our last day " I said

" why sad " Natalie said

" because I'll miss everyone " I said

" me too " she said and we walked in the school gates and went to go find Natalie's boyfriend Carlos.

Once we found him he was with his basketball friends who were on the varsity basketball team. His friend Adam whistled at Carlos then spoke.

" hey Carlos your girl is here " he said and Carlos turned around and pulled Natalie into a hug then kissed her lips.

I rolled led my eyes as they pulled away from each other.

" okay Natalie come on " I said

" alright " she said and we walked away from the basketball team and started walking towards the locker room which was our first class.

Once the bell rang we went to the gym. We didn't do nothing in there just sat there on the bleachers while the teachers plaid music.

Feeling someone sit behind me I turned around to see Andrew , a boy who has been trying to get with me since sophomore year. I rolled my eyes and turned back around.

" so I don't get no hi or hello " Andrew said

" no but you can get the hell away from me " I said

" you know you want me Jen just say it " he said

" never I your dreams or in reality " I said

" I think she made it clear that she doesn't want you " a boy said and I turned around and looked up to see a buff boy sitting with his friends.

Realizing it it was one of the varsity football players. Andrew looked at them then back at me. Andrew then looked me in the eyes and got up then went back to where he was sitting.

Looking at the boy that saved me from Andrew he was talking with his friends then he looked at me. Not hearing Natalie call my name until she snapped her fingers in my face.

" what " I said

" you've been staring at that boy that saved you from Andrew for almost a minute " Natalie said

"well sorry he is kinda cute " I said

" do you know who that is " Natalie asked me 

" all I know is that he's on the varsity football team " I said

" that and his name is JulianVelasquez number 1 on the football team " she said

" oh " I said and nodded my head.

" if I wasn't with Carlos I would be with Julian " Natalie said

" you better not let Carlos hear you say that " I told Natalie.

" he won't " she said and eventually the bell rang then Natalie and I got up off the bleachers and left out of the gym.

Walking to to the other side of school with Natalie she walked me to class. When the thirty second bell rang Natalie met up with an they went to class. As for me I sat in my seat and the teacher plaid a movie for us seniors. Felling my phone vibrate in my pocket I took it out to see Natalie calling me.

[ Phone Convo ]

Natalie😁💋 - is Andrew in class with you well for the TA for your teacher

Me - yea but he's not looking at me or annoying me thank god

Natalie😁💋 - do you want me to get Julian to protect you

I rolled my eyes and blushed at what Natalie just said.

Me - no I can handle myself

Natalie😁💋 - alright let me know

Me - go make out with Carlos already

Natalie😁💋 -  whatever

[ End Of Phone Convo ]

Getting off the phone with Natalie I couldn't help but start thinking of That boy named Julian. Since some of us seniors don't have 5th or 6th period classes we hung out in the cafeteria. Once the final bell rang Natalie and I got up and went to my car. Natalie didn't have a car because parents wanted to wait till she graduated which was today so yea.

" we have to be at school by seven thirty " I said 

" I know " Natalie said

" are you still coming to my house " I asked

" yea my mom said she was bringing my cap and gown to your house then they're leaving after us " she said

" they're leaving together in different cars " I said

" yea " Natalie said

" okay let's go " I said

" I'm waiting for Carlos so I can tell him where I'm going to be " Natalie said and when Carlos walked up to us he wrapped his arms around Natalie's waist. 

* Natalie's Pov *

When Carlos wrapped his arms around my waist he brought his lips to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. I then pulled away and pecked his lips one last time.

" you on your way home " Carlos asked

" no I'm going to Jennifer's house then leaving from there " I said

" ask Jennifer if she can pick me up on her way to school " he asked

" yea " I said

" thanks babe " Carlos said

" you're welcome " I said and kissed Carlos one last time then got in the car with Jennifer and she drove to her house.

* Jennifer's Pov *

Pulling up in my driveway Natalie and I got out the car and walked in the house where my mom was in the kitchen baking cookies.

Natalie and I sat at the table and my mom sat down a plate of cookies in front of us. I grabbed one and bit into it. Closing my eyes I groaned at how good my moms baking was.

" mom I love your baking so much " I said

" thank you sweetie " my mom said and after eating a few more cookies I groaned.

" come Nat lets go upstairs and get our beauty sleep " I said and Natalie got up and followed me to my room where I changed into something to take a nap in and also did Natalie.

Throwing my hair into a messy bun Natie and I plugged up our phones and fell asleep.


I woke up to my mom shaking me.

" Jennifer it's time to wake up " she said

" five more minutes " I groaned in my pillow.

" no you have to get ready " my mom said and I then realized that I had to get up and get ready for my graduation.

Getting out of bed I headed to my bathroom and got in the shower. I got out and dried off then put on my outfit. Curling my hair I put in my black rose earrings and put on my key charm necklace. After doing my make up I put on my white cap&gown. Grabbing my phone Natalie and I walked downstairs and were about to walk out the door when my mom stopped us. I groaned and turned towards my mom.

" mom we're gonna be late " I said

" hold on let's take a couple of pictures " my mom said

" alright make them quick we have to go pick up Carlos " I said and my dad stood in front of us and snapped a picture of Natalie , my mom , and I.

He he then took another picture but of me and Natalie. Giving my mom and dad a kiss on cheek  I Natalie and I got in my car and drove to Carlos's house. Once there we seen Carlos outside his house with his family taking pictures with his mom , dad , and his little sister Isabella who is three and a half.

She is the most adorably cute little girl I ever met. Anyways I honked the horn and he looked over at us.

He gave his parents a hug and kisses his little sister on the cheek then got in the car and I drove to school. We got out with our caps & gowns on and went inside the school where the other graduates were. When the time seven twenty - five came around the teacher has us stand in an alphabetically line and we walked to the auditorium.

Once we did families were cheering & applauding us screaming at the top of their lungs.

We sat down in the row of seats alphabetically. The principle Mr.Arnold went up on stage and talked about how from freshman year till now how us seniors were.

After a few minutes Mr.Arnold got ready to hand out diplomas. As the girl to my left got up to get her diploma people in the crowd cheered for her clapping. She walked off stage and came over and sat down then I got ready to go up when my name was called.

When I heard Mr. Arnold call my name I smiled and stood up and walked on stage. As I got on stage I walked over to Mr. Arnold and he handed me my diploma. I thanked him shaking his hand and walked off stage.

Going over to my spot I sat down and graduation went on. Two or so hours later graduation was over.

" and everyone that is class of twenty thirteen " Mr. Arnold concluded and everyone clapped and cheered pus finally graduating and getting a diploma.

The class of 2013 took off our caps and threw them up in the air.

Walking over to my family I pulled my mom into a hug.

" you finally did it " my mom said

" I know I'm so happy " I said and we then went outside and took pictures of me holding my diploma.

After taking pictures with family we started talking about where to go eat at.

" do you want to go to  a restaurant " my mom asked

" no how about a buffet " I suggested

" that's fine where'd you park " my mom asked

" in the back " I said and I left from my family to Natalie.

" where are you guys going " Natalie asked

" we're going to that buffet up on cactus " I said

" I'll tell my family we'll meet you there " Natalie said

" okay tell Carlos " I said

" alright " she sand went to go find Carlos and I went to my car.

Minutes later I seen Natalie with Carlos walking over to me.

" I thought you were rid my with your family " I said

" I was but the car is full " she said

" so they're going to follow us " I ask

" yea " Natalie said and I started up my car and followed my parents then Natalie's family and Carlos's family followed me.

We soon arrived at the buffet and we all got out. Going inside I met up with my family and we paid for us. I sat down at a table with Natalie next to me, Carlos across from me and Carlos's cousin Beth across from Natalie. Natalie and I got up and went to make our plates. Once we made our plates we went back and sat down then started eating.

" hey look who's here " I hear Natalie say and I looked to see that Natalie was looking at Julian the one that saves me from Andrew earlier today.

Julian looked at me in the eyes and smiled at me. I couldn't help but blush and look away.

" oh shoot get some Jennifer " Beth says

" shut up " I said laughing

" why he looked you in the eyes and you blushed " Beth says

" girl what do you mean so what if a guy did that to me I would've got his number " Beth says

" whatever " I laughed rolling my eyes and continued to eat my food.

After about another plate I decided to go get dessert. I grabbed a little bowl with cookies in it then grabbed another bowl that was empty. Going over to the ice cream I filled the bowl with Vanilla ice cream. As I was about to walk away a person had walked next to me. I slowly looked over to see Julian.

" you must like sweets " I hear him say and I kept my head down avoiding eye contact

" yea I do " I say

" I'm Julian " he introduced

" I'm Jennifer " I say

" nice to meet you " Julian says

" same here oh and thank you for today with Andrew " I say

" no problem what's his deal with you anyways " Julian asked

" ever since sophomore year he's been trying to get with me " I say

" he doesn't get the meaning of no huh " he asks

" yup and it's annoying " I said

" I know I just met you and all but I was wondering if I could have your number " Julian asks and my heart just stopped.

The boy I think is cute is asking for my number. I must be dreaming right now. Snapping back to reality I nodded my head. Julian took out his phone and handed it to me. I typed my number under Jenny💎😀 then handed it back.

" we'll see you later " I said

" okay then thanks " Julian said

" you're welcome " I said and grabbed my cookies and ice cream then walked back to my table.

" you got his number huh " Natalie asked

" yea I guess I gave him my number since he asked " I said

" I know that right " Beth says and we soon enough got finished eating then left the buffet.

I was sitting outside in my car when Natalie came up to me.

" come with me tomorrow " she asks

" where " I ask

" with my mom to get me a car " Natalie says

" I guess I can at what time " I asked

" around ten thirty " she said

" okay " I said

" bye " Natalie said

" bye " I say and I closed my door and followed my mom home.

Getting out the car I went up to my bathroom and turned on the shower. I took off my dress and got in the shower. After I washed from head to toe with my amber scent body wash and shampoo I rinsed off then got out.

I dried off then put on my pajamas. I put my hair into a messy bun and went over to my bed plugging up my phone up on its charger then went to bed.

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