The girl you once knew.

It's been almost a year since the day Edward told me goodbye, the day he told me he didn't love me anymore, the day he broke my heart. Will Bella ever be able to move on? Who will Edward come back to, does he think its the same adoring girl he left?


5. When i first saw you.

Flashback: "Jessica, who's that over there?" I gently nudged Jessica in her side to get her attention.

"Oh please Bella, don't even think about it. He won't even give you the time of day." she rolled her eyes, "His name is Edward Cullen, and he thinks his shit don't stink."

As soon as the words passed her lips, I swear I saw a tiny smirk come to play.

"Edward Cullen huh. Well I wasn't thinking about anything, so don't worry about it." Ok so maybe I was thinking about it but she didn't need to know that. Something about him really caught my attention, whether it be that mess of a thing he calls hair, of his piercing green eyes. Whatever it was I couldn't stop starring.

"You know, it is rude to stare Bella." I had a feeling Jessica used to like him, but that it didn't end well in her favor.

The lunch bell rang alerting me, letting me know I had exactly 7 minutes to get to my next class. Oh joy, chemistry. I made it with a minute to spare, stopping dead in my tracks. Sitting in the usually empty seat beside me was the chiseled God himself.

Shit, really?! Out of all the places in this giant forest, this would be the place I would find my way back to without realizing it. I just want to go one day without thinking about him, or this stupid spot in the woods. Is that really too much to ask for?

Apparently so.

I heaved a heavy breath, yanked my ear buds out and tried to stand up. I winced slightly as I put weight down on my ankle.

Ouch. Shit.

"Hey, are you alright?" Someone called out.

Oh great, so someone had seen me eat shit. Just how I wanted to start out my morning. A bruised foot, and a bruised ego.

I looked up to notice a tall guy jogging over to me, I rolled my eyes and dusted myself off.

"Oh yeah you know, I just love to trip over giant tree roots and fly face first into puddles." I hadn't meant to snap at him, but it kind of just blurted out.

He smirked while eyeing me. "Well aren't you a feisty one? I like that."

"Sorry, and to answer your question yes I'm alright." He was still staring at me with his creepy smirk. I looked down to see exactly what he was staring at when I noticed and I was wearing a white shirt, and underneath I had on a white sports bra.

Good one Bella, don't you know that white shirts and water don't mix?

I quickly crossed my arms over my chest, "see something you like?"

I started to turn and walk in the opposite direction, if anything happened to me out here no one would know. I honestly don't think anyone would care that much either.

"So what's your name? I'm James." Really dude? I guess you don't get the hint that I'm not up for chit chatting.

"I was always told not to talk to strangers." I proceeded to put my ear buds back in, and crank up my music. Before leaving i turned around, smiled and quickly added "so bye."

By the time I made it home Charlie was still sleeping, so I ran upstairs and proceeded to take a quick hot shower. My ankle was still a little sore, nothing too serious. Some slight swelling but it didn't appear to be broken.

Standing in the shower letting the hot water pour down over me loosened some of the anxiety I was feeling. Was I going crazy? Why all of a sudden could I not take my mind off of him? Was he really back and trying to reach out to me somehow? Well it's a little too late for that.

I drove out to the flat rock to meet Jacob like we had planned. It didn't look like he was there yet which meant I was early. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. I had never pictured myself being with Jacob like this, yeah Iloved him, but I wasn't in love with him.

He was my best friend, and he was there for me when he just decided to up and leave me and turn my whole world upside down. I spent most of the summer with Jacob, really getting to know him, his interests, his likes and dislikes, what his passions are.

Flashback: "Bella, I'm leaving. My family is leaving for a while."

"Ok, let me just think for a minute. I have to think of something to tell Charlie." I didn't expect him to spring this upon me, without giving me enough time to plan what I would tell Charlie.

"No, Bella you don't understand. My family and I are leaving." He didn't look at me on the last part. I knew something wasn't right.

"You mean I'm not going with you?" I choked on my words, feeling my heart speed up.

"I can't take you with me. I think it would be good for us if we spent some time apart." He moved to stand closer to me, he reached up as if to touch my face but stopped mid height and quickly lowered his hand.

"What do you mean you think it would be good if we spent time apart? Are you not happy with me anymore?" Don't cry Bella, I could feel the unwelcome tears force their way to the surface. Don't let him see you cry.

"Of course I'm happy. I just can't risk putting you in danger anymore, can't you understand that?" Now he grabbed me by the shoulders with a little more force than i think he anticipated.

Ever since I met Edward, all he had was my best interest at heart. He always worried about hurting me. I tried to convince him that he would… Could never hurt me.

"Edward, I know what I'm doing and I don't know how many times I have to tell you that you can never put me in danger. I love you and you said we would always be together." Now the tears betrayed me and spilled over the rim of my eyes. "Please stay with me."

The knock on my window jolted me back to reality. I quickly managed to wipe a tear away before looking up to see who I thought was Jacob, but to my surprise it wasn't.

Oh great it was the creep from earlier this morning. I begrudgingly got out of my truck.

"Well fancy meeting you here." he teased with a big cocky grin.

"Are you following me or something?" that's twice in one day that I've run into this guy, what was his name again? Josh? Jace? Jimmy? Something with a J.

"No, I actually work down the street and I thought I saw you drive down here. Turns out I was right."

"Where exactly do you work?" I didn't trust this guy one bit. I had a funny feeling about him, but I had to play it cool. Hopefully Jacob would be here soon.

"I work at an outdoor sporting store, its right down the street." he turned to point in the direction that his work was at.

"Well if you don't mind I'm actually meeting someone here in a few, so." Maybe he would get the hint this time. I seriously doubt he was that dim.

"Yeah, oh ok I'll see ya around then." Finally, now that he was gone I started to make my way down to the beach, when I spotted what looked to be a heated argument between Jacob and Sam.

I wonder what has got them so rattled up. I've never seen Sam lose his cool, especially when it came to Jacob.

Suddenly Sam looked up to spot me and whispered something to make Jacob tense up. From here I could see that Jake had balled his hands into fists. Sam turned his back and abruptly ran into the forest.

Treading lightly over to where Jake was standing. I didn't know how to approach the subject of what had just happened, so I didn't say anything I just smiled.

He mirrored my smile but I could tell it was forced. "Hey Bells. I'm glad you could make it." He seized me into one of his bear hugs.

"Jake...Can't...Breathe..." He quickly opened up his arms, but didn't let me go completely. He held me at arm's length before finally crashing his lips against mine. Soft and gentle at first then proceeding to rush.

I arranged my hands on his chest and pushed him back slightly. I positioned myself so I could look him in the eyes. "Wait... Wait a sec."

He looked taken aback, "What's wrong? I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No, you didn't hurt me. I just wasn't expecting that, that's all."

"Sorry, I can stop if you want me to?" He smirked, and I had a feeling that's not what he wanted.

I on the other had had no clue what I wanted. I was still thinking about the flashback I had moments before I got here. I had all these string of thoughts running through my mind. I was confused, and I hated feeling helpless. Was he thinking about me as much as I was thinking about him? Was he seeing anyone? Was it easy for him to move on and forget about me?

I knew it wasn't fair what I was doing to Jacob, and by no way did I intend to lead him on by any means. But I knew if I didn't try and move on that I would be waiting for a ghost that would never return.

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