The world is nothing but a cold, dark place and we are all just victims of an illusion. I finished my cigarette and stepped on the hard, stiff, concrete ground. I was leaning on the corner of a dark alley. That is right, wandering the streets at night especially in this town is a careless act but nobody can mess with me. They all know that, but I am far different from them. I reached out from my back pocket and gazed at a very old picture of a beautiful girl. She had gloriously long mahogany wavy hair and her eyes – those pitched, black almond eyes that can make me stare at her forever.

Who is she? I have no idea.


2. Chapter 2

I woke up the next day with a terrible headache and a throbbing pain from where my father hit me.

“Shit, it’s still swollen” I examined the plump surface of my lip.

Wearing only a pair of boxers, I stride across the room to my fridge.

I took a bite from a turkey sandwich I found, got a beer and popped a few painkillers in my mouth. Nobody needs to find out about the prescription drugs so I hid it carefully in a secret compartment on the floor and typed in the code. I headed straight for the bathroom and ran a nice hot shower to relax myself.

I heard a knock on the bathroom door. “Damien?”

“Fuck’s sake”, I clenched my fists on the wall. I forgot to lock my room and who knows what piles of junk I left behind that can probably result in much more damage to me than my already swollen lip.

“Hurry up, you’re gonna be late for school. Jacques is waiting for you downstairs” I loosened up a little bit when I realized the voice was coming from my mother.

“Yeah” I simply said.

My mother has been really trying her best to make everything seem normal for a shitty, no good kid like me. Given the fact that our affluent family has been blessed with so many of the house help, she always makes sure she was still a mother figure to my growing childhood years. As much as I wanted to save her out of her misery for giving birth to a troubled teenager, there was nothing I can do. I could not even save myself.

 I climbed down the long, wide twin staircase and saw Jacques standing outside the front porch wearing his uniform like many of the servants in the mansion.

“Hey” I tried to give a little chuckle to our driver, I mean chauffeur as he would always correct me. He gave me a small smile, I think he was still pissed at me for making him drive all over Newport Beach and I would not even respond to his calls. I felt kinda bad for the old man but not as bad as I felt for myself.

It looks like he’ll be driving me in the Cadillac sedan today, I sighed. Jacques opened the door for me and I half heartedly sat on the backseat. It really drives me insane on why my father has forbid me from driving my own car. Rich bratty kids get luxury and exotic cars every damn occasion like its mandatory for them to receive it and I’m stuck here in the backseat of a car being sent to school like a toddler.

“You can have anything you want but this is one thing I hinder you from having” my father’s words echoing in my ear, “I will not stand by and watch you kill yourself with your reckless actions”. I laughed quietly at the thought.

“I am gonna die soon anyway of this disease, so why not just quicken the process?” I glanced at the window and observed the luxurious mansions scattered all over Orange County.

Funny, the ride seemed to last longer than ever.

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