In the dark

Taylor is having bad dreams about a boy named Kevin Burch. Kevin comes to the school and she is scared but she is paired up with him at school to show him around for the next few weeks. Will Taylor give Kevin a chance.? Would Kevin actually hurt her like in her dreams?


9. What does the note mean?

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT" Cailin asked scared.

"It's nothing"


" It's just a friend pulling a prank on me."  I said

"Ok good I just want to make sure you are not going to get hurt". She replied, I read the note over and over again 
"Watch your back, you never know if you are going to be next. It could be you, your friend Cailin, your little boyfriend Kevin. Just watch out" 

I didnt know what it meant, I tucked the note away and asked Cailin if she wanted to watch our favorite show.

"Yea I do let's do it."

"ok" I turned on the show The 100! We sat there and watched it the whole night pausing sometimes to get something to eat and got back to watching the show. We sat and watched it for a couple more hours, laughing and crying to the happy and sad parts. At the end of the episode I looked at the clock 1:35 a.m, I looked over at Cailin and saw that she was sleeping. I shut off the T.V and turned on the fan and sat down on the bed. I covered up with my blankets and laid my head down in my soft pillow and felt my head sink in. I closed my eyes and fell asleep fast. 

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