In the dark

Taylor is having bad dreams about a boy named Kevin Burch. Kevin comes to the school and she is scared but she is paired up with him at school to show him around for the next few weeks. Will Taylor give Kevin a chance.? Would Kevin actually hurt her like in her dreams?


18. The Date

I finally got a call from my dad saying for me to get out of the house and move somewhere else, He says that he is seeing someone and doesn't want me to ruin his relationship so I packed my stuff and been staying at Kevin's house. I sometimes hate my dad and I never want to see him again, But i also love him because he helped make me. 


I was sitting on the couch when Kevin came and sat crisscross apple sauce in front of me.

"Would you like to go out on a date with me?" 

"OMG!!!!" YES!" I scream, not to loud but loud enough for Matt and Felix running in and asking whats wrong. I was speechless I couldn't talk or move. I just sat there and stared into Kevin's eyes without saying a word to him. I leaned into him and kissed him.

"Ewww no PDA!!" Matt and Felix yelled in sink. Me and Kevin pulled apart and started to laugh. I started to blush a little which made him blush some to. I laughed at him really bad..

"YOU LOOK LIKE A ELEPHANT CHOKING ON A PEANUT!" I try to laugh out, I couldn't stop laughing

"How do you know what that looks like". He asked trying not to laugh but ended up getting more red which made me laugh even harder then before.

"I know because you are right in front of me!" I laughed more and tried to calm down. 
"So do you guys want to come out with us tonight?" Kevin asked the boys

"Yeah totally we're in" They said almost at the same time. I run upstairs to get ready. I put on high wasted blue washed out shorts and a crop top that said Love Me  on it and straighten my hair and put my converse on and a beanie and ran downstairs to find the boy's by the door. We walked out the door and to the car and Kevin whispered something in my ear.

"You look amazing tonight." Kevin said looking at me up and down

"Thank you, You don't look so bad yourself" I said with a smirk and got into the back and Kevin followed. We drove till we came up to a house and got out and the music was booming and there was girls screaming and people dancing and laughing.

We walked into the house and saw people smoking and drinking. Kevin walked away to go talk to his friends and just left me there.

"wow so much for our date" I said to myself and walked to the couch and sat down. I saw staring at the ground when Matt came over with a drink and 2 smokes. I took the drink and chugged it, God damn was it strong but I kept chugging it down. He lit on of the smokes and I took won and I could tell that is was drugs but I didn't care I was so mad at Kevin right now. 

2 hours later

I went to fine Kevin but he found me first because of how tipsy I was and my laughing. He carried me out to the car and I wanted to run so when he put me down, I ran to his house,... I kept running and running and finally found his house, I tripped about 1 million times and hugged a tree because I though it was a huge stick bug. I walked into the house to find the boy's there on the couch looking worried, I started spinning in circles. 

"I''m in a airplane!" I scream really loud

"ohh shit the airplane is going down!!!!!" I scream even louder then last time, and I fall on my ass and laugh. I quickly got up and the boy's ran upstairs to watch a movie. I ran into the room they were in and layed on the bed and started to roll around everywhere on the bed.

"What are you doing" Matt asked me trying not to laugh, I didnt anwser

"What is she doing?" Matt asked Kevin and Felix

"Baby girl what are you doing" Kevin asked chuckling 

"What does it look like i'm doing???.. I'M RIDING A ELEPHANT HERE CAN"T YOU SEE THAT!!!!" When i said the all the boy's started laughing and Kevin picked me up and started to walk out the door. I before he could walk out the door I grabbed the wall!
"OMG THIS RANDOM DUDE IS TAKING ME HELP ME! HE LOOKS LIKE CHEWBACCA ON DRUGS! HELP ME!" I screamed and everyone was laughing, Kevin took me off the wall and took me and took me to the room and laid me down on the bed. He laid down by me and wrapped his arms around me and rubbed my back. I closed my eyes and feel asleep quickly.

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