In the dark

Taylor is having bad dreams about a boy named Kevin Burch. Kevin comes to the school and she is scared but she is paired up with him at school to show him around for the next few weeks. Will Taylor give Kevin a chance.? Would Kevin actually hurt her like in her dreams?


4. Scared to death.

I said "No thanks I'm good" and kept walking.

He kept saying "I saw you at school"

"Yea I know I saw you to I don't need a ride but thanks"

After I said that he drove off. I felt bad but I was scared and I wasn't about to get in that car. My number one goal was to stay away from him but that didn't happen.

When I got to school my first class was English. I went to my English class and their he was again talking to the Mrs. Fritz. 

I was about to turn around and walk out of the classroom but before I could even do that Mrs. Fritz said

 " Taylor darling do you mind showing Kevin around the school"? 

I couldn't possibly say no.

"Yes I can Mrs. Fritz." 

"Okay good... He will sit by you then for the rest of the week until he knows all of his classes".

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