In the dark

Taylor is having bad dreams about a boy named Kevin Burch. Kevin comes to the school and she is scared but she is paired up with him at school to show him around for the next few weeks. Will Taylor give Kevin a chance.? Would Kevin actually hurt her like in her dreams?


5. Oh no!


Why me I think in my head. I set my English stuff down at my seat and sit down. Kevin sits next to me, he says


But I don't say anything back. We sit there in awkward silence until the bell rings. 

*Bell rings*

"Finally" I mumble to myself

I rush out the room Kevin is following me.  We walk to Chemistry which is our next class together and of course Mr. Goodwin makes us sit by each other. I sigh as I sit myself next to the window where I was assigned, Kevin plops right next to me smiling like the best thing has happened to him. I just rolled my eyes despite my annoyance against this guy. Every time I would write something in my notebook Kevin would look over at what I was writing this made me snap,

"Excuse me but do your really need to be looking at my stuff back off and stay out of my business!" I halved yelled which surprised him.

He looked back over at me with his dumb smile and started to speak breaking the silence that we shared, 

"Sorry about earlier I didn't mean to invade your privacy but I thought you were a great writer..." I smiled a little at his compliment and accepted it with a nod. For the rest of the day went by fast and I got to know Kevin a bit which was nice, now I was off to go home *Great* 

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