In the dark

Taylor is having bad dreams about a boy named Kevin Burch. Kevin comes to the school and she is scared but she is paired up with him at school to show him around for the next few weeks. Will Taylor give Kevin a chance.? Would Kevin actually hurt her like in her dreams?


6. Home

I was walking home and I stopped at the gas station and decided to get a Soda and a snack. I walked in and all the jocks were getting Pizza before there big Football game tonight. I walked the other way to the Pop section when I felt someones hand grab my arm. I jumped a little but when I noticed that it was just Cailin I relaxed. She Smiled

"Jumpy much"? 

"Hahahaha so funny Cailin".

We simply laughed at each other and walked to the Pizza section. The jocks were still there but they were sitting at the table gobbling down Pizza.  We walked up and grabbed Cheese Pizza's we were about to walk away when Cailin's ex-boyfriend Logan walked up to us. "So I see you are eating huh piggy's" Ugh I wanted to punch him in the face

"Yea and I see that you guys are a bunch of wolves" Cailin said in a mean voice.

Cherry walked in "Logan's New girlfriend". 

She walked up and grabbed Logan and took him away from us and we brought our things up to the counter and it rang up to $5.00. We payed and walked out. Kevin pulled up in his car and offered us a ride.

Cailin of course said "yes" and made me come with her. We got into the car, we sat in awkward silence until Cailin said

"My house is the next one on the right... Thanks again Kevin" 

He stopped the car and Cailin got out. 
Kevin drove off to my street and my house was the very last one. 

"So were's your house?" Kevin asked nicely.

" It is the last one on the left" 

Kevin drove up there and got out and let me out of the car like a gentlemen. 

"Thank you Kevin"

"No problem Taylor" 

Maybe I have been thinking wrong of Kevin, I mean just because I having bad dreams doenst mean he will actually kill me. He hasn't seemed mean to me and he is really nice. I am going to give Kevin a chance to be my friend. 
We walked up to my door. 

"Hey can I ask you a question" asked Kevin in a Nervous voice

"Yea sure..." 

"So.. um.. I was wondering if you would like to maybe go to the party with me this weekend?"

I looked at him and smiled.

" I mean I understand if you don't want to." Kevin said sadly

"No i would love to go to the party with you!" I said kinda obnoxious

"Alright I will see you at school tomorrow" He kissed my cheek and jogged to his car.

I opened the door and of course my father was drunk passed out on the couch.  

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