(ON HOLD) Call us Heros

Candy's P.O.V
I am having a great time with my new friends. My caretaker hasn't returned and I am starting to worry. I feel though as if I have known this fox for a while but I can't remember. I have a feeling that something is going to happen....

(Edit 12/4/17: I am putting this current story on hold for a little while. I need to develop a better plot and figure out more details before I continue this story. I also need to edit it since it doesn't make much sense)


10. We Have to Move Now

They ran towards the village as the battle grew louder and louder as they neared. As they got to the center, they saw something they did not expect.

Almost 70 robots that looked like Tails were lying, broken on the ground. Some smashed, others broken, and some were thrown through windows.

"Seems we were a bit late. What happened here?" Alicia asked in shock. 

Then out of nowhere, they heard a big 'WHAM!' as a bunny flew through the air and landed a few feet from them on the ground. Two giant sticks had fallen out of her hands.

"Aaargh..." she groaned and looked up at them. "Heh, you're welcome to join in ya know." she said with a grin and hoped back up. Her hair was white and messy. She wore a torn up, pink skirt and rings on her arms. She had a crooked bow in her hair.

"Names Vanilla Bunny. Thanks for sending back up Twist. C'mon, they sent about 200 hundred of those things." She said grabbing two big sticks back off the ground, and running towards the direction she had been thrown to.


They didn't question anything and ran after her to help. As they got there, 2 others were fighting against the Tails army. A yellow and green cat, and a purple wolf.

The yellow and green cat had brown messy hair, wore a torn bowtie, and a shirt with a lemon on it. "Sis! Help me out!" He shout to Candy as he was struggling to fight them back. Candy ran over there and knocked a couple out with a shovel.

The purple wolf had a white spaghetti strapped shirt, dark purple hair in a bun, she held two guns at the copies and shot at them. "We could use your help ya know!" She shouted behind her to the trio standing behind her.

Alicia picked up a black hammer and started hitting the copies. Silver used his telekinesis to shoot at them.

Cookies stood there terrified, looking at the battle. "C.C one battle was enough. I-i don't want to hurt anyone..."

One of her eyes glowed red. "Do you wanna be caught and used as a weapon, or are ya going to let me fight em? C'mon, lemme at em!" C.C said through her body. She sighed and said, "Alright, I trust you C.C." as her eyes glowed red as well as her hearts.

"Now we're talking! Let's do this!" She shouted as she joined in the fight.

(Elsewhere Unknown)

Knock! Knock!

A black hedgehog opened the door

"Can I help you stranger?" The hedgehog said behind the doorway, he sounded grumpy.

"Yeess...you most definitely can....you and him will be perfect to get her closer to me.....Shadow..."


(Time skip because i'm bad at action scenes)

Cookies groaned holding as she lay on the floor. She had a few cuts on her and her hair was a bit tangled.

The others were resting catching their breath.

"Why does my head hurt worse than the last time?" Cookies whined as she slowly sat up looking around as her vision was still hazy.

"Sorry, that might be my fault. I have come up quite a few times today. Sorry if I got a bit careless, I just really wanted to kick some of his goons. I'll lay low for a while. Call me if ya need me, kay?" C.C said in Cookies head. 

On the ground lay dozens of broken robot parts, each had been smashed to pieces. 

"Wow, you guys....fight good. Glad ya came or else we would've been goners. Twist, I owe ya" Vanilla said as she deactivated her sticks and put them in her pockets. 

Candy Twist was tightly hugging the yellow cat. "I'm really glad you're okay Lemon. Sorry I didn't come sooner." she said looking up at him.

"On the contrary sister, I believe you came just in the nick of time. I'm just glad that you're okay." Lemon said with a smile. 

Just then they heard a small clank behind one of the small buildings, alarming the group. Cookies stared nervously at the corner of the building. 

"Oh jeez it's another clone! When do these things end?" The purple wolf complained pointing her guns at the corner. "Come out and show yourself!" she shouted staring at the corner.

After a few seconds a clone cautiously came out looking scared.

Cookies stopped shaking and stared at the clone. She slowly walked up to it.

"Cookies, what are you doing? It could hurt you!" Vanilla whispered frantically.

Cookies stopped a couple feet from the clone. She stared at it with a confused expression. It...did not have the dark aura the other clones had. She looked closer and saw his eyes. They were the bright blue she had remembered Tails having.

The clone looked nervously at her. He scanned her and saw she was the one he needed to harm but he couldn't do it. Not after he had seen her determination to get her friends back.

"Hello Cookies, I apologize if I have startled you." The clone spoke softly, trying not to alarm them.

Cookies confusion turned into a smile. "Oh it's ok, I startle easy." she said trying to calm him down.

The others looked confused as they still stood in a defensive way. 

"I am number 4898. I have seen your journey through Dr. Vex's monitor. It did not matter to the others but to me I was inspired by the three of you. You do not need to worry, I destroyed my tracking device." the clone said calming down a bit.

Cookies had a memory of hers retrieved as her eyes turned red. 

"We can't keep doing this Zain! It will endanger hundreds of lives! You said with this experiment, we could make clones to help others! Not capture them! This is illegal!" A blurred tall cat said frantically shouting. A dark figure walked up to him and slapped him. "My name is Dr.Vex! This is MY laboratory and you are only my assistant! Whatever I say is what you do!" He shouted angrily knocking over a few papers. "No! This is not what I signed up for! Zain I quit, you will not use me for this sick scheme!" The tall cat shouted and picked Cookies up and started walking away from him. "You'll regret this....Claud..." the words faded as the memory ended.

She blinked as her eyes turned normal.

"My dad....." she whispered to herself.

The others had relaxed but Alicia put her hand on Cookies shoulder. "Cookies, are you ok?" she asked soothingly.

"Y-yeah i'm fine. So....you said your number 4898, right? How about we just call you M.P?" Cookies spoke again to the clone after the shocking memory. 

"M.P is fine by me. I wanna help you guys, it's better than what Dr. Vex wants us to do." He said to them looking down.

"Dr.  Vex? Is that his name?" Silver asked. The clone nodded.

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