Call us Hero's (Sonic Story)

Candy's P.O.V I am having a great time with my new friends. My caretaker hasn't returned and I am starting to worry. I feel though as if I have known this fox for a while but I can't remember. I have a feeling that something is going to happen....


3. Some new friends

(9 years later)
It was a dark night in the city. Cookie Cat was walking down the street in thought about the strange dreams she had been having lately. She saw a man that was merely a shadow, and three blurred faces in her dreams. She decided to take a walk to try and figure it out. She liked finding new routes so she wouldn't get stuck with the same one.

Her best friend and caretaker left to help out with secret business and had been gone for a few months but she could take care of herself. She wore a purple shirt with a pink heart on it and a blue skirt. She sighed looking around at the shadows the street lights were casting.

I wish I knew anyone around here. I never got to meet anyone because of fear but now I'm all alone... she thought to herself. As she walked she heard a rustle and stopped looking around.What was that?

Her hears twitched trying to hear something and heard whispering of multiple voices. She located the noise near a bush and looked at it. She gulped and her hearts flashed purple.

"We can't just stalk whoever walks down the street ya know! That's creepy!" A girl voice whisper yelled. "W-what wait! No dont- Gahhh!!" The person was pushed out of the bush and tumbled on top of Cookie.

"Gahhh! Please don't hurt me!" She shrieked and the black hedgehog laughed. "Ah don't worry if anyone will get hurt its Sonic! Haha!" she said with a smile.

She hopped up and held her hand to help her out. Cookie hesitated and slowly grabbed her hand and was lifted up. "Are you okay? I uh didn't mean to scare ya like that...Sonic pushed me out of the bush. He said we need to keep a look out for anything suspicious. I haven't seen you around here before. What's your name?" She said explaining herself.

Cookie was still a little uneasy because she hadn't talked to anyone but her caretaker since she was little. "I am.....C-cookie cat....." She said quietly. The black hedgehog saw she was a bit scared. "Hey you don't have to be afraid I don't bite. I'm the one and only Alicia Rose!" She said in a sing song tune.

Cookie smiled at this a bit. "There ya go! See everyone loves to smile. Hey you guys come on out!" She shouted to the bush. Cookie got a little nervous again but if they were as nice as she was they wouldn't be bad.

They all came out of the bush and Cookie saw a orange two tailed fox. He looks so familiar..... She thought to herself. She saw a pink hedgehog who looked like Alicia, a blue hedghog, a black hedgehog with red stripes, and a silver hedgehog. "Don't worry Cookie, this is Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Silver, and my sis Amy." She said introducing them.

Cookie waved shyly at them. "Hey why are you all alone out here at night?" Sonic asked her. She looked down with a nervous expression. "Well my caretaker is out on important business and has been gone for a few months. I don't really meet many people outside my home so um that's why I'm alone." She said as she looked at them hoping they wouldn't think she was some lonely weirdo.

Tails looked at her with a smile "Don't worry Cookie we can keep you company until your caretaker comes back. It will be fun." He said walking up to her putting a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him and saw someone so familiar.

"Really? Oh thank you so much!" She said with a smile her hearts glowed orange. "Wow! Your hearts can glow? That is amazing!" Alicia said amazed by her new friends cool trick. "How can you do that?" Silver asked her curious.

Cookie thought for a second and said "Huh....ya know I never really thought about it. I guess I was just born with it." She said shrugging getting more comfortable talking to them. "Well, cmon Cookie. You're now part of a gang of hero's!" Sonics said proudly.

Alicia rolled her eyes and leaned towards cookie and whispered "He thinks he's so great when really he is a scaredy hog when it comes to water." Cookie giggled a bit and Sonics face turned red. "I am not scared of water! I'm just not too fond of it is all." He said looking at Alicia. "Riigghht..." She responded sarcastically.

"Cmon we will take you to our hang out where we pretty much live at." Amy said grabbing Cookies hand and dragged her towards the house as the other followed quickly behind.

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