(Being Re-Written Elsewhere) Call us Heros

Candy's P.O.V
I am having a great time with my new friends. My caretaker hasn't returned and I am starting to worry. I feel though as if I have known this fox for a while but I can't remember. I have a feeling that something is going to happen....

(Edit 4/17/18: Moving this story to Wattpad and i'm rewritting it for the plot to make more sense. Be nice about how cringey this version is, I started it when I was 14 >->)


2. Prologue

The day was dark and gloomy as it was raining outside. A female cat was inside her home watching her daughter and her nephew play around as she sewed a blanket together

Her nephew was a small orange two-tailed fox and he was playing i-spy with her daughter. A knock was heard at the door, the children ignored it. Her husband came out of the kitchen and headed to answer the door.

He opened the door and a tall black figure stood there, soaking wet. The husband couldn't tell who it was but he saw he needed help. The figure spoke "Would you mind if I came in? It's a bit wet outside."

The husband thought for a moment and nodded, stepping aside to let him in.

"Thank you, you're ever so kind. It makes it easier for me to do this..." He said as he pulled out a knife and stabbed the parents.

They both fell to the ground with a thud, alarming the children. Cookies was shocked and scared having seen her parents on the floor. The orange fox tried to be brave and guarded his cousin.

"Get away you big meanie!" He said bravely.

The man threw the fox against the wall with a thud. "run..." he said weakly and knocked out.

"Cousin!" Cookies shrieked but was too scared to move.

"You will do just fine dear, your daddy has taken something of mine from me, so I am doing the same." He said with a sinister laugh.

He grabbed a syringe and stabbed her in the neck. "Aaaaahhhh!!" she cried in pain as she got dizzy, The world spun around her as she fell to the ground, falling unconscious.

(Time skip~ At a laboratory...i guess :P )

The child layed on a cold table top. She had a bandage on her neck from where she was stabbed. The man laughed as he picked up a purple bottle and walked to the sleeping child. "He should not have messed with my plans. Now, he has helped me get a new test subject." 

He poured the drink into her mouth, she swallowed. Two hearts appeared on her cheeks as they became red. 

Suddenly, the doors flew open and a grey stripped cat with long brown hair and a police suit stepped in. She pointed a gun at him and shouted, "Stop right there you evil fiend! Release the child now, and surrender! You must pay for your crimes!"

He smirked at them , "You're too late my dear, you'll regret this.." he said in a sinister voice. He threw a smoke bomb and disappeared.

All of the lab equipment was gone except for the little child who laid still sleeping. The grey stripped cat walked up to the child and looked at her. She saw what he had done and saddened.

"We have to help her, he has tried to do this too many times but...now he has suceeded on this innocent child." 

She grabbed a crystal out of her pocket and put it on her forehead. It glowed, and with it her hearts glowed white. She removed the crystal and the hearts stopped glowing. Her hair turned pink, then purple and stayed that way.

The child stirred and blinked open her green eyes. She looked around frightened, seeing the stranger in front of her.

"W-where am I? Who are you? Owww...." She winced in pain as she sat up and held her head.

"Shhh....there, there, child. Don't worry, you are safe now. My name is Julia, can you tell me your name?" She said in a soothing voice.

The child didn't know who she was but she felt calmer just by being near her. "M-my name is Cookies." she stuttered quietly.

"Do you remember what happened, Cookies?" she asked.

Cookies looked down trying to remember, but only got another headache. She shook her head as her hearts glowed slightly purple. "What's...gonna happen?" she asked a bit scared.

"I am going to take care of you until we figure this out. Once we locate your family, I will send you to them. Until then, it is too dangerous for you to be alone. Do you understand?" Julia asked helping the child off the table. 

She nodded. Julia reached her hand out to Cookies and she grabbed it, as they walked out of the Lab.

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