(ON HOLD) Call us Heros

Candy's P.O.V
I am having a great time with my new friends. My caretaker hasn't returned and I am starting to worry. I feel though as if I have known this fox for a while but I can't remember. I have a feeling that something is going to happen....

(Edit 12/4/17: I am putting this current story on hold for a little while. I need to develop a better plot and figure out more details before I continue this story. I also need to edit it since it doesn't make much sense)


5. Nightmares

"Really? You did? Where is she?"

"Um...I'll tell you but uh....can you get off me?"

Cookies had knocked over Sonic the moment he said they knew were her caretaker was.

Cookies chuckled nervously and got up. Sonic got up and brushed off the dirt.

"Heh, sorry. Do you really know were she is?" Cookie asked again really close to him.

Sonic backed up a bit. "Alright so we think she is at an old abandoned laboratory in a small vacant village a while away from here." He told her finally able to talk. 

Cookie's eyes were as big as saucers and a huge smile was on her face. Her hearts were glowing a bright orange.

"Yaaaayyyyy!!! I know she is okay because you guys wouldn't have been able to find her which means I can find her!" She exclaimed jumping up and down. 

"Er.....i'm sorry Cookie but you can't go. It is only a place we "think" she could be at so it's possible she might not even be there at all. Tails and Amy said they would go and check it out since I can't run." Sonic said sadly, knowing she wouldn't be as happy. 

Cookie stood still and her hearts were still glowing orange but with a slight hint of blue. "Oh okay....well that's great too. It means I can throw them a party when they get back!" She said with glee.

"Ughhh..."Alicia groaned and fell onto the couch in exhaustion.

(Time skip~ 9:00 p.m cuz I can)

"Where am I?" Cookies asked herself while looking within a black abyss. A dark chuckle came from the shadows, "Time's running out my little creation." it said. Cookies hearts turned purple as she looked around trying to locate the person. "W-who are you?" She asked trying to sound brave. "I don't expect you to remember anything because your memory has been locked up. You are a part of my plan to take over since you seem normal, but you could destroy everything in your way. I have your sweet precious caretaker with me and your two new friends. It be a shame is something were to happen to them now wouldn't it?" As he said that a light shone in the abyss and three figures stood there. Her caretaker, Tails, and Amy stood there, their fur was ruffled and a darker color as were their eyes. They seemed emotionless as they stood there looking at Candy. "Cookie, please help us. We're your friends." Tails said in a low voice. "We are scared Cookie help us." Amy said. Her caretaker was silent for a moment and she walked up to Cookie. "You should trust us because we're friieendss...." She said touching cookie on her forhead making her eyes glow red. "You better hurry.......before you can't save them...." The dark voice said as the three of them began to fade away. "No guys please wait! Don't go!" She tried to reach out for them but couldn't move. She started sinking into the blackness below her. "Nononono! This isn't happening!" She shouted struggling to move.

She screamed at the top of her lungs and sat up. Sweat was pouring down her face, her hearts were glowing a very dark purple.

She looked out the window and the sun had already come up.

She looked at the clock in her room and it said 10:23 a.m.

Sonic, Alicia, Silver, and Shadow rushed in there. "Are you alright? We heard you scream is everything okay?" Alicia asked standing beside her.

Cookie immediately told them about her dream. She got up and started packing a bag. "What are you doing?" Silver asked her.

"I have to go save them before it's too late!" She exclaimed as she zipped up her bag ready to leave. They followed her. 

"Wait, Cookies! You can't go by yourself. You also need a map because Tails and Amy took the plane to get there faster." Sonic said trying to catch up to her with an injured foot. Cookie stopped in front of the door and stood there. 


"........." She dropped her bag and turned around with her eyes glowing red as well as her hearts. "I don't need babysitters, I can go by myself!" She shouted at them.

Her eyes returned to normal and she blinked "Wh-why...did I just...." 

The others looked at each other a bit nervous. "Look we just don't want anything to happen to you, okay? Me and Silver will go with you." Alicia said pushing Sonic and Shadow onto the couch.

"You two have to stay here and guard the house while we're gone. Okay?" She said to them and they nodded their heads. 

"Thank you guys. C'mon, let's go find our friends!" She said with determination as she walked out the door. Alicia and Silver followed her.

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