(ON HOLD) Call us Heros

Candy's P.O.V
I am having a great time with my new friends. My caretaker hasn't returned and I am starting to worry. I feel though as if I have known this fox for a while but I can't remember. I have a feeling that something is going to happen....

(Edit 12/4/17: I am putting this current story on hold for a little while. I need to develop a better plot and figure out more details before I continue this story. I also need to edit it since it doesn't make much sense)


8. Another Dream or Nightmare?

"Don't like caves, don't like caves, don't like caves, why can't it be morning already?" Cookies whined as she was backed up in a corner of the cave, wrapped from head to toe in a sleeping bag.

Silver had started a fire and they were ready to go to sleep, but were a bit annoyed with Cookie's paranoia.

"C'mon Cookies go to sleep." Alicia groaned. "If you want it too be morning so soon then close your eyes and sleep. Then morning will be here and you won't be so scared." 

"Alright...I'll go to sleep..."Cookies said giving up as sleep hit her head.

She leaned back and closed her eyes as she listened to the crackling of the fire.


Cookies opened her eyes to the brightness of day coming through the cave. She sat up, stretched, and looked around. The others were no longer sleeping and the fire had died. "Guys? Where are you?" Cookies called out through the empty cave. Just then a grey sparkle flew into the cave and close to Cookies. "Follow me child. I have something to show you." It spoke in a whisper. Cookies was a bit nervous, but was soothed by the glow's voice. She got up and followed it out of the cave. Just then the light outside the cave disappeared and it turned into a room that looked like her caretakers room. Then 4 more sparkles came out and floated around her. "I don't understand, what are these?" Cookies asked the grey sparkle that could speak. "These are people who are connected to you, there souls are trapped within his expiriments. They are trapped like me, and they need your help." She spoke. Then the sparks grew bigger until they had taken a figure's form. Then Cookies realized who they were. It was Tails, Amy, Candy's mom and dad, and her caretaker. "Julia? Y-your alright." Cookies said, trying to hold back her tears. "Yes dear, we are still alright. Our souls and many others have been captured and locked deep within ourselves so he can control us. It is his trap Cookies, you are what he wants. You were given strange, chaotic powers, to destroy everything so he could be in control. When I saved you, I casted a spell on you to seal it away to try and help. I have to release her so she can aid you. Look in the mirror child." Julia said motioning towards the mirror. Cookies slowly walked up to the mirror and saw herself as a normal person. Then her appearance in the mirror changed and she saw what it was. Her hair was ruffled, her eyes were small and red, her hearts glowed red as well, she wore a black hoodie with black shorts. She looked at Cookies with a smirk. "Hey there." The reflection said and she turned into a black mist and quickly flew into Cookies. "Eeek!" She squealed in fear as she felt her inside of her. She felt her head thumping, she was gasping for air. "What...w-what's happening??" She managed to say. "I have released the spell, you two have to work together if you want to defeat him. She doesn't want to do as he says because she is a bit rowdy. You have to learn to get along. I believe in you Cookies." Julia said as her voice started to fade and so did the others. "Aghh!" She cried in pain as her eyes turned red, then everything disappeared.

"CHILD, WAKE UP NOW!" Silver shouted shaking Cookies trying to get her up.

Cookies shot open her eyes and looked around frightened. She was in the cave and all three of them were gathered around Cookies with worried expressions.

"Are you alright Cookies? You seemed to be having a really bad dream." Candy said to her handing her a cup of water.

"Heh..i'm fine. It doesn't matter anyways, it was just a dream." She lied to them, as her hearts turned slightly green. She took a sip of the water. 

"Alright then if you say so.. Okay we still need to come up with a plan when we get near the place so we don't get caught. If we give them the element of surprise, we can all attack, and save our friends." Alicia said explaining a plan to them.

Then Cookies eyes glowed red as she laughed. "That isn't a very good plan at all! That dude has captured who knows how many weaklings. We can't just try to take him on with just the four of us. Might as well just write 'capture us' on our foreheads." she said, then her eyes stopped glowing and she put her hands on her mouth.

They just looked at her with shocked expressions. 

"I-i-i mean, maybe we should try a slightly different tactic...maybe get some more people to help out?" She tried to cover up what her new "friend" had said to them.

"Y-yeah, more people means we have a better chance of getting our friends back. Candy, is there anyone still in your town that isn't controlled by him?" Alicia said a bit hurt at what Cookies had just said.

"Yea, there is a group of people who are fighting back. They try to knock out as many of his mind-controlled minions so they can remove their chips. They are the greatest people ever! With their help, you could beat him easily and get your friends back!" She said with glee.

Cookies got up with a smile "Alright let's g-" She stopped as her eyes glowed red as she sensed something. "They see us..." She said in a low voice.

The others looked around and didn't see anyone. Silver said "What are you talking abo-" "GET DOWN!!" Cookies shouted. Her hands glowed as she used her powers to push them out of the way. Just then a blast of fire shot right where they had been standing.



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