The Life Of...

This is a book of days in the life of the sim family we create together... End of each day there may be questions or you could just post what you think i should do next with the sim

With assistance by My friend who shall be named UnknownAgent (not on here)


4. Meet The Sim

Hilary needed to leave her old town, to many bad memories she can’t escape. She use to be a sex slave to her dad's friend. Her dad sold her to him to pay off his debts that he got from his drug addiction. She got involved in the drug ring that her ‘master’ ran. She wasn’t allowed to tell anyone, never, not once. If she told anyone he would take her away from the outside world lock her in the "punishment room" and she wouldn’t be able to leave until he thought she had been punished enough, sometimes that was weeks, maybe months. She could have also been subjected to beatings and being cut by his pocket knife he always carried around with him, he would even go as far as to submerging her in cold water and sometimes in ice water. It scares her now more than it did when she was living with him. Things had changed over the many years she lived with him. She was there many years, about 10. She had just moved into a new town after only 3 week after his death. She was taught to fight and kill if needed just so she could keep him safe. She blamed herself for his death, she was meant to protect him, but she couldn't. It wasn't her fault, but she didn't believe that. She had killed many people in the town she used to live in when she was younger, whether it was for her 'master' or for herself there was always someone she had to protect... and always someone had to suffer because of it. Everyone knew not to mess with her, she always heard people jesting behind her back "Don't do that or Hillary will come after you." People didn't want to associate with her, but moving away might help her reputation disappear, for good. Maybe, just maybe she might get actual friends who like her.


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