The Life Of...

This is a book of days in the life of the sim family we create together... End of each day there may be questions or you could just post what you think i should do next with the sim

With assistance by My friend who shall be named UnknownAgent (not on here)


1. Help Design The Sim



Age (Teenager, Young Adult, Adult):

Hair Colour:

Eye Colour:


Traits (choose 3): Active, cheerful, creative, genius, gloomy, goofball, hot-headed, romantic, self-assured, art lover, book worm, foodie, geek, music lover, perfectionist, ambitious, childish, clumsy, glutton, insane, lazy, loves outdoors, materialistic, neat, slob, snob, bro, evil, family-orientated, good, hates children, jealous, loner, mean, noncommittal, outgoing

Aspiration (Choose 1): Bodybuilder, Painter Extraordinaire, Musical Genius, Bestselling author, Public enemy, chief of mischief, successful lineage, big happy family, master chef, master mixologist, Mansion Baron, Fabulously wealthy, Renaissance sim, Nerd brain, Computer Whiz, Serial romantic, soulmate, Freelance botanist, the curator, Angling ace, joke star, party animal, friend of the world

Career:Doctor, writer, painter, secret agent, work at home, detective, scientist, astronaut, Athlete, business, criminal, culinary, entertainer, tech guru, shop owner

Should I use Custom Content:

More then one sims (Mum, sister?):

Back Story or not?

Put them on the gallery or not?


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