Stay With Me [Liam Payne]

After the worst summer of her life, Rian returns to her normal college life, but she still has to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart. As much as she wishes life could go back to normal Rian faces the ridicule of being an ex girlfriend to Liam Payne. There are two questions Rian is constantly asking herself. Will Liam ever love her again? And does she want his love?


6. You Found Me

You Found Me - The Fray

     After five long, excruciating hours it was almost time for Melissa, Aiden, and I to head over to the coffee shop and meet up with Hunter. I was so anxious and excited for tonight that I had to keep reminding myself that it isn't a date, but it was just like myself to dream every possible fantasy that could happen tonight. For all I know Hunter may not like me, and the only reason why he invited me was to get me out of my dorm. That couldn’t be… Hunter had no clue about my extreme depression. I will stick to my day dreams, but I also dreamt every nightmare that could make this night go terribly wrong. At least if tonight becomes disastrous I can run to Melissa and Aiden, and that thought alone alleviated a lot of my paranoia and stress. 

     I stared at myself in the mirror for a long time; all I could think is how much has changed in the past year. If this was a year ago I would be heading to the coffee shop with Ashley and Jordyn. We’d be listening to One Direction without a care in the world. I would probably be yelling at them to shut up during Liam’s solos so I could hear his incredible voice. I had to stop myself from going any further because if I began to think about it too deeply about it my emotions would go through whiplash yet again. Yet with all that change and my world shifting so drastically, I looked like the same Rian that I did in the beginning of the year. Well expect for the slight baby bump that was more pronounced by my new maternity pants. Although being that I was only thirteen weeks pregnant it was easy to hide the bump with an oversized sweater. I was wearing an oversized, crème sweater, my new dark was maternity pants, brown leather boots, and a red infinity scarf. I clean up well if I don't say so myself. 

     Still looking in the mirror I began to rub my stomach through my sweater. It’s honestly incredible how much I love this baby already. I wish the baby had a different father and that the baby came in the right order. I wanted to finish college, then get married, and then start a family but that wasn’t my path. I kept rubbing my stomach thinking about what I had read in my pregnancy book today. The baby was no bigger than a peach it is so tiny, but in just five weeks would I know the gender of the baby. I got asked a lot by Aiden and Melissa about my opinion on the gender of the baby. Honestly I don't know and I don't care. I will be just as happy with a girl as I will be with a boy. Both Aiden and Melissa think I am having a boy. I hadn't given much thought to the gender. I loved this baby no matter what. I began to rub the tiny bump.

"Hey there. It's your mom. I love you so much. I'm going to try and be happier for the both of us starting now" I smiled as I kept running my hands over the small bump. It had taken some time getting used to the idea that I am going to be a mom, but with every day that had passed I was accepting that fact.

     Melissa walked in and smiled at me. She thought it was adorable when I talked to the baby. She had told me that she learned in her anatomy class that the baby actually hears the mothers voice the clearest, and when the baby is born it knows its moms voice. I wanted to start reading aloud to my baby. It seemed like a good thing to do.

"We are ready to go whenever you are" Melissa interrupted.

"Alright. I'm coming let me grab my purse" I said as I fixed my sweater and then grabbed my purse.

     Aiden had some trouble finding parking near the coffee shop; who would have known that an open mic night would draw such a large crowd. I can’t believe that I never knew about this either. It seemed like something that was completely up my alley. I mean I can’t sing well, but I enjoy hearing others sing. As we walked closer to the quaint coffee shop, I could feel my heart begin to race and there were butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. There was a part of my that wanted to run straight back to the car and go back to my dorm, but then the other half was cheering me on. Even if Hunter only invited me as a friend I can still have a good time tonight.

     Upon opening the door I was overwhelmed by the smell of coffee yet again. My mouth watered at the thought of another latte. I was looking around to see if I could see Hunter, but the coffee shop was so full that it was hard to see. Also my short stature didn’t help look over people to find Hunter. I kept moving deeper into the store and saw that Melissa and Aiden were both in the corner looking through the books on the bookshelves. I went over to the counter and saw that there was couple of barista’s behind the counter right now, and surprisingly they didn’t look stressed out.  For the second time today I ordered a vanilla latte, but this time I got it in a paper cup, because with me being so clumsy I could see me running into people with my hot coffee. I was now looking around for Mel and Aiden, but then I heard a familiar voice yell my name.

“Rian” they yelled.

     I turned around and saw a guy in a black button up shirt and a pair of dark wash jeans. He wasn’t much taller than me. When he smiled it revealed his subtle dimples. His ash brown hair was perfectly styled. I had always like when a guy with longer hair would part it with more on side and coif it up slightly. Then his eyes, god his eyes, were shinning a brilliant blue color. They looked exactly like the ocean on a bright and sunny summer’s day. I will never understand how I never noticed how attractive he is before now.

“Hunter” I smiled as he neared.

“Hey there you are” Hunter laughed as he gave me a soft squeeze.

“Yeah I was looking for you” I admitted.

“Really? So was I. Well… I mean I was looking for you” Hunter said as his cheeks began to turn a shade of pink.

“Yeah, so when do you perform” I asked trying make him feel less embarrassed.

"Soon I believe, or at least that is what they told me" Hunter said as he smiled nervously.

I gently nudged his shoulder as if I was trying to comfort him. "You really like singing and performing huh?"

"Yeah I would say that I actually really love it and I couldn't imagine a day without me playing my guitar or singing"

"You play the guitar? Man, I've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar"

"I definitely could teach you"

"That would be awesome Hunter!"

"It would be really fun. Just text me when you want to start learning"

“I definitely will” I laughed.

    The rest of our conversation went really well. It was so nice to be able to sit down and just talk to someone. I mean I talk to Melissa and Aiden a lot, but this was different. Hunter didn’t seem to be cautious of every word he was saying. He didn’t treat me like I’m fragile; he treated me like I’m Rian from our British Literature class. Neither one of us had noticed that they had called him up to sing numerous times. That was until someone taped on his shoulder and asked if he was still okay with singing. Hunter, of course, nodded and headed towards the piano. I was at first surprised by his choice in instrument, but as he began to play a few familiar keys I understood that choice.

     Hunter’s voice carried through the entire coffee shop; it was mesmerizing how his sweet, southern twang only got stronger. This was a song that I hadn’t heard in quite some time and had almost forgotten about it. I watch his face soften even more and his eyes shut almost closed as Hunter sang.

Some things we don't talk about
Rather do without
And just hold the smile
Falling in and out of love
Ashamed and proud of
Together all the while


You can never say never
While we don't know when
But time and time again
Younger now than we were before

Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go

Picture, you're the queen of everything
As far as the eye can see
Under your command
I will be your guardian
When all is crumbling
I steady your hand

You can never say never
While we don't know when
Time, time, time again
Younger now than we were before

Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go

We're falling apart and coming together again and again
We're growing apart but we pull it together, pull it together, together again

Don't let me go
Don't let me go
Don't let me go

     When Hunter played the final key to the song, the entire coffee shop erupted with thunderous applause. I was clapping and cheering for Hunter as he finally looked up from the piano. His eyes instantly found mine as he smiled and thanked everyone for listening. Hunter’s gaze made me feel warm and cozy. It was such a stark contrast to how I felt when Liam would look at me. Even with me hardly knowing Hunter I felt safe in his stare. Hunter was the first one to break the stare when he got up from the piano. I looked around the coffee shot and my eyes found Melissa and Aiden who were also cheering for Hunter. When Melissa saw me she mouthed wow, which I replied with a head nod. I knew that Hunter liked to sing, and I had always assumed that he sang well but I never knew that he was that good. Without a doubt Hunter is an extremely talented singer; he came back to the table with the biggest smile plastered on his adorable face.

"Wow Hunter! You were incredible" I said as he sat back down next to me.
"Thanks. Was the song selection strange" Hunter asked.

     I didn’t think the song was a strange choice. I was more surprised that he chose to play the piano instead of the guitar. What made him chose to sing Never Say Never by The Fray?  I always thought the song was about a guy who falls in love with a girl who doesn’t feel the same about him, but the guy always protects her ever if she isn’t his. That was the thing about music that I loved; just because I viewed the song that way doesn’t mean Hunter thought of the song in the same was and me.

"Not really? Why did you pick it" I asked.
"I don't know. I just kind of related to the song and I love playing in on the piano" Hunter admitted smiling.
My heart dropped ever so slightly at the thought of Hunter relating to that song. "It sounded really nice on the piano" I added smiling. 
"It sure did. Hey I need some fresh air. Do you want to come outside with me" Hunter asked.

I looked at Melissa and Aiden who were consumed in a conversation of their own and then I looked back at Hunter. 

"Sure" I smiled.

     It was a cold, cloudless night in Raleigh. I wasn’t used to not seeing a cloud in the sky, but the moon and stars were the only things in the sky. The moonlight was the only thing illuminating the parking lot and the tables near the coffee shop. It was quiet too; the only sound I could hear was the chirping of crickets. Hunter sat at one of the tables near the coffee shop, and I joined him. As I sat down I continued to look at the sky; it was such a beautiful night and to think I would have missed it had I been stuck in my dorm.
"The stars are really bright tonight" Hunter said. 
My attention switched to him; he was smiling at me. His blue eyes were glistening in the moonlight. "Yeah, it's so beautiful" I laughed.

     Both of us sat outside in silence while looking up sky. The silence wasn’t the least bit awkward; it was actually peaceful to sit with one another and gaze up at the stars. This silence was completely different than the silence that I would have in my dorm. I was focusing on little things that brought a smile to my face. That alone was a stark contrast to my mindset when I am in my dorm. I was smiling at the fact that I found the big dipper, litter dipper, and Orion’s belt so quickly. I also was extremely fascinated that it was cold enough that I could see my breath.  Then I looked at Hunter, who was also looking up at the stars. I wonder what he is thinking. Does he think this is peaceful too? After a few seconds of looking at Hunter, he finally noticed and smiled at me. I was lucky that it wasn’t too bright because he would have seen how my face turned beet red.

“I feel like I don’t know much about you, Rian. Well other than you obviously like British literature, so where are you from” Hunter asked, a slight smile began to grow on his face.

“I was born in California, but at thirteen my parents and I moved here” I answered, as I smiled at him.
"That would explain your accent" Hunter laughed. 
"Okay. I know your accent isn't one from here either, so where are you from" I asked, as I joined him laughing. 
"I was born in Louisiana" Hunter answered
"What made you want to go NC State?" 
"Honestly, I thought the campus was beautiful. I have come to love Raleigh. As of right now I don't regret my decision, but I do miss home. Do you ever miss California?" 
"Yeah I do but, like you, I really love Raleigh" 
"It's a nice city. So what are you majoring?" 
"Currently, I am a literature major but I have considered switching majors"
"Really? What do you want to switch your major to?" 
"Perhaps psychology. I really want to help others and I think I could do that with a degree in psychology." 
"You seem like the type of person that wants to help others. I admire people like that." 
"Thanks. What do you want to do?" 
"The dream is to become a singer, and I don't really have a backup plan." 
"What genre do you want to sing?"
"I really love country music. I see myself being a country artist"

     We continued to sit outside and talk until the coffee shop was closing and when my friends wanted to leave. I learned so much about Hunter, and I was beginning to realize that we have a lot in common. I also was starting to feel the beginnings of a crush developing. It wasn’t hard to fall for this sweet guy. The smile that I had since that conversation was on my face all the way back to my dorms. I thought that my smile couldn’t get any bigger, but changed with the text message notification on my phone.

From Hunter: I really enjoyed getting to know you better. We definitely should hang out more after. Goodnight Rian. 

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